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April 8, 2011 : Teresa L. Clark - Corporate Communications

Normally, I would never open a text message at work, but a particular text from my sister had the word “tax” in the subject line – so I opened it immediately.

This is what it said, “Should I still file my taxes?”

Uh, what?!

After a few texts went back and forth, I learned that my dear sister had heard that the possible government shutdown might impact tax returns. This is what I told her:

  • Even with the federal government shutdown, H&R Block is continuing to assist e-filers who need to submit their tax returns or extensions to file – both of which still are due April 18. (My sister is a client, of course)
  • Our 11,000 retail tax offices are open, as are the online and digital solutions we provide for do-it-yourselfers.

H&R Block is an old (well, 56-year-old) pro at handling filing delays and other external operational hiccups like this one in ways that don’t pass on more inconveniences to our clients. Two big components of this flexibility is keeping communication lines open with the IRS and having various contingency plans – both of which are being done at this time.

So, yes, my sister filed her taxes just like millions other taxpayers have and should by the 18th.

Teresa L. Clark - Corporate Communications

Teresa L. Clark - Corporate Communications

H&R Block

Teresa is a former member of the H&R Block media relations team.

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  • jennifer cox

    i loaded 100 onto my emald card and cant pay my bill online it says invalid card very upset!!

    • Kristin Shaw – Editor

      Hi Jennifer! I’m sorry to hear you had trouble. If you call the number on the back of your card, the client support team can help address what’s happening. -Kristin

  • Cari

    I had my taxes done on 2-1-11 by a lady who claimed to be a pro at this. She told me information that was not true AND messed up my taxes. I had to go BACK in to have them fix it which resulted in more money for me (which is good) but because of her inability to do her job right i have to wait 4 to 6 weeks to get that money! I called and complained to H&R block saying i did not pay 300 dollars to have some half wit screw my taxes up because I could have done that for free and requested a refund of that money. I was told that a resolution would be reached in 3-5 business days and it has not been reached. CAN YOU PEOPLE GET ANYTHING RIGHT?

    • HRBlock Karen

      Thank you for posting your concerns regarding your tax preparation experience. Please check your email for a response from HRBlock Answers. I would like to research this for you and will need some personal information to verify and help you resolve this issue.
      Thank you, again, Karen
      Client Service Organization, H&R Block

  • traci

    what if you know someone has being filing fraud taxes for 2 years

    • HRBlock Nicholas

      The IRS requires that you call their Fraud Department: 1-800-829-0433 to report such activity, and we highly recommend that as well.


  • robert sinkowitz

    I apologize for my disdain, it was misplaced. IRS does still have my daughter’s money.

    I was misled by an H&RBlock representative’s anticipation of the IRS schedule of payments. IRS did not meet that expectation.

    In any case, I very much appreciate H&R Block’s handling of this case, on this public forum, and in spite of my most disrespectful disapproval of the confluence that has resulted in over 2 months of trying to get her refund… and still waiting.

    • HRBlock Karen

      Thank YOU for posting your kind words! H&R Block does strive to provide each and every client with world-class customer service. Best outcome of your situation, is you found out where your refund is! Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of further service in this issue. We value you as a client and appreciate your business.
      Thank you for never settling for less and choosing H&R Block!
      Client Service Organization, H&R Block

  • robert sinkowitz

    Two days and despite the the ‘unequivical’ response (below), the bank that IRS forwarded my daughters money to Still has not made it available to my daughter… and no one from hrblock has attempted to call or otherwise ameliorate -other then the empty words below~

    • HRBlock Nicholas

      Hi Robert, This is Nicholas. I have been handling your case. I have attempted to contact your daughter by phone for a resolution to this issue. I have left a message for her and will be making attempts to contact her again until this matter is resolved. Thank you for your patience.

  • Giuseppe

    Dear H&R Block,
    my name is Giuseppe Giorgino and I’m from Italy.
    I made an internship from 11/08/2010 to 03/12/2010 in a winery in Goldendale (“Maryhill Winery”) and during that period I lived in The Dalles. Now I’m trying to get back the taxes paid during the internship and from the winery they told me to speak with you.
    I do not know if it’s right to write on this blog but I could not find an e-mail. I would be really grateful if you could answer me by e-mail ( and tell me what to do or send me an e-mail address (on my e-mail) where to contact you personally to make the return of fees. Later I would send all the data you need.
    Thanks very much for the assistance and hope you will answer soon.
    With my best regards,
    Giuseppe Giorgino

    • HRBlock Nicholas

      Hi Giuseppe, We’d be happy to help you with this situation. I have sent you an email so that we can best assist.
      Regards, Nicholas

  • robert sinkowitz

    I am impressed by the quick response but will hold further comment for the resolve~

  • Lyn

    Help! I’m almost ready to efile and just discovered I must have trashed the insert but kept the box several days ago without realizing that would be where I would find the necessary key for that process. Is there any way to secure ONE key for my ONE return? Is that perhaps embedded in the CD for goof-ups like this? Thanks!

    • HRBlock Nicholas

      Hi Lyn, Absolutely we’d be happy to take care of you on this issue. I will be sending you an email to further assist in getting you a keycode. Thanks, Nicholas

  • robert sinkowitz

    There was a time that H&R Blockk gave a care about its customers. I had my taxes done by them for years.

    No more. Like most corp.s, after a little success they find ways to ake advantage of customers.

    My daughter, after paying for her taxes, a simple 2 forms, on Feb 10… Is still waiting. IRS released her funds one and a half weeks ago, yet she still can not get any of her refund. Apparently the Bank that H&R uses is holding the money as long as they can before being forced to cough it up.

    I will do everything in my power to ensure that everyone I know, including the Chamber of Commerce I belong to knows NOT H & R Block.

    I wouldn’t be so bitter except that it is quite clear that no one at H & R Block gives a care about the promises made or the fact that my daughter fell for them.

    • HRBlock Nicholas

      Mr. Sinkowitz, That sounds like an incredibly frustrating experience and one which we would like to assist your daughter with immediately. We would like to unequivocally state that we do not hold our clients’ money. This is simply not something we do. We care very much about your concerns and the issues that you address here and will be sending you an email directly to assist. Thank you for posting. We look forward to resolving this matter quickly. Regards, Nicholas

  • Darlene

    I’m sooo very disappointed with HR block what is the point in paying for peace of mind cause when you have a problem with your taxes they act like it’s your mistake not theirs and they give you a very hard time about you pay for the peace of mind thinking things are okay but you still have to pay for their mistake PEACE OF MIND YEA RIGHT WASTE OF MONEY

    • HRBlock Nicholas

      Hi Darlene, We would like to offer you assistance with the Peace of Mind process. Although a pending claim can take up to 6 weeks to process, it is never our intention that anyone be made to feel this way. We would very much like the opportunity to address your concerns and will be sending you an email to this effect. Thank you for posting and we look forward to speaking with you soon. ~Nicholas

  • Ben

    I am very let down by H & R block. I have been sitting in thier office for almost an hour now, as they forgot that they had an appointment with me. Why should I pay someone else to do my taxes, let alone trust them with my finances, if they cannot even get an appointment time correct? If you are looking for someone to help you prepare your taxes, do NOT look to H & R Block.

    Ben Noven

    • HRBlock Nicholas

      Hi Ben, I’m sorry to hear about your experience. I can understand how that would be really frustrating. We consider ourselves to be the best and hold ourselves to the highest standards of privacy in protecting our clients’ personal information. In addition, the average H&R Block client works with a tax professional with more than eight years experience and 450 hours of training. We’re sorry we missed an appointment, but look forward to making that right for you. I will be sending you an email message as a follow-up to determine how we can best address your concerns. Thank you for posting. Regards, Nicholas

  • Jerry

    I tried to file e-return this am but for some reason error message stating could not connect to internet. At the time I was in fact connected to the internet. Why can’t I file e-return? Neither state nor fed.

    • HRBlock Nicholas

      Hi Jerry, Sorry to hear about the difficulties you’ve been experiencing e-filing your return. There are a number of steps which we can take to fix this. These would include such things as Firewall adaptations and changing Proxy Server connections. All of which we would be happy to go through with you at your convenience. I will be sending you an email message so that we can further assist. Thanks for choosing H&R Block at Home! ~Nicholas

  • Monique


    This is a really wonderful post and I was wondering this exact question this morning. Although given that death and taxes are inevitable, I did not doubt I would be found out, eventually, should I delay.

    What does concern me is your phrase, “I would never open a text message at work.” Does that mean that H&R Block has a lock down on your life? I run my company with a focus on getting the work done, not on treating them like prisoners. I’m a huge fan of H&R block, but now I question if they are treating their employees right. Like most large corporations, do they require you not to check personal email, phone, texts, etc. but yet expect you to answer work phone, email and texts during your personal time and not giving you compensation to do so? I hope that’s not what you meant!

    • hrblock


      Glad to hear my post answered a question for you!

      The texting comment was made “tongue-in-cheek” – I was just being playful.

      I certainly didn’t mean to imply that the atmosphere I work in at H&R Block is oppressive, because that is far from the case J



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