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April 8, 2011 : Teresa L. Clark - Corporate Communications

Normally, I would never open a text message at work, but a particular text from my sister had the word “tax” in the subject line – so I opened it immediately.

This is what it said, “Should I still file my taxes?”

Uh, what?!

After a few texts went back and forth, I learned that my dear sister had heard that the possible government shutdown might impact tax returns. This is what I told her:

  • Even with the federal government shutdown, H&R Block is continuing to assist e-filers who need to submit their tax returns or extensions to file – both of which still are due April 18. (My sister is a client, of course)
  • Our 11,000 retail tax offices are open, as are the online and digital solutions we provide for do-it-yourselfers.

H&R Block is an old (well, 56-year-old) pro at handling filing delays and other external operational hiccups like this one in ways that don’t pass on more inconveniences to our clients. Two big components of this flexibility is keeping communication lines open with the IRS and having various contingency plans – both of which are being done at this time.

So, yes, my sister filed her taxes just like millions other taxpayers have and should by the 18th.

Teresa L. Clark - Corporate Communications

Teresa L. Clark - Corporate Communications

H&R Block

Teresa is a former member of the H&R Block media relations team.

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