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H&R Block at Home Offers “Ask a Tax Advisor”

June 10, 2011 : Becky Brown - H&R Block


My team is responsible for the help content in H&R Block At Home. As one of my coworkers so succinctly noted, our job is to make sure the help is helpful.

When people ask us questions about their taxes, we answer those questions. But then we do something truly crazy: we add that info to our programs.

H&R Block At Home gives you the flexibility to do your taxes when and where it’s convenient for you. But it also gives you a huge pool of help content. So, if you do run into a question, there’s tax expertise at your fingertips.

We listen to user questions that are coming in to Customer Support and Ask a Tax Advisor. We collaborate with customer support, our developers, and our tax experts from The Tax Institute. Then, after we’ve gathered information from all of the experts, we make sure the information is clearly explained on the screens of the program and in our help articles.

I think this process is pretty cool. We’re always tweaking our content and adding new help. And, unlike some other do-it-yourself tax products, our help content comes from tax experts, not other users.

H&R Block At Home is always refining, always adding, and always looking for new and better ways to meet your needs. Over the last year, we’ve added in the neighborhood of 3,000 new help articles – all based on your feedback.

So, keep it coming. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and let us know how we can help take the pain out of taxes. We’re listening, and we’re taking action.

Becky Brown - H&R Block

Becky Brown - H&R Block

H&R Block Digital

Becky was the senior editorial manager for H&R Block At Home.

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  • Jake Trani

    what are the tax benefits of owning an LLC versus not?

  • Jake Trani

    If I dont own a business what car deductibles can I get versus actually owning a business?

  • Shirley Secord

    We are self-employed and we heard that we could; for example; purchase equipment, then lease it back to our business. Is that true or false? Thanks for your time!

    • HRBlock Nicholas

      Hi Shirley, With years of training and experience, our tax professionals are best equipped to provide the answer to your tax questions. We’d like to set up a time when you can meet with one of our tax professionals, or if you are using H&R Block at Home, provide you with the best avenue for assistance. I will be sending you an email so that we can assist. Thanks, Nicholas

  • Jeff Dupuis

    HRBlock Software doesn’t always allow you to EFile which is a concern. For 2010 taxes, the program did not allow you to EFile if you rolled ALL of your traditional iras to roth iras. It kicked it back and said I had to paper file as the program was not set up to EFile in this case. I wasnt aware there were instances that HRBlock couldnt EFile your return. Paper filing is something I had not done in years (35+ pages of stuff) and dont plan to do in the future if i can help it. So, I need to know if this feature will be fixed for 2011 or will I be forced to go back to TurboTax which I dont like, even though I get it for free. This issue will be a problem for me again this year (and in future) as the current tax law allows you to open a traditional ira and roll it over to a roth ira. Can I please get feedback on this issue? Although I have found issues with HRBlock software, it is far better than TurboTax as I have found more problems with their program and I dont think it is as user friendly. Luckily I know enough about tax issues to know when the interview session may be misleading you and believe me, you can it can cost you money by not know what the “black box” is doing. I just shake my head when I hear tax professionals that tell you which software is better – the problem with that is that they know what data goes where and dont know what is like to be confused by the interview process used in the programs. They should just pick 20 guys off the street and have them do their taxes with the various software packages, and see which software company gets the best results – thats the true test. Of course their taxes need to be a little more complex than just the 1040EZ guys.

    • HRBlock Nicholas

      Hi Jeff, Thank you for choosing H&R Block at Home for your tax preparation needs! Rollover from a Traditional IRA to a Roth does not prohibit e-filing. We would need to speak with you to gather more information about why you were unable to efile. I will be sending you an email so that we can address your concerns more specifically. Regards, Nicholas

  • Mokshit Chawla

    This is my first year in US and I have my wife as a dependent. Can i apply for her iTIN as i dont have a tax return yet. If yes, Which documents are required and how soon can i do it.

    • HRBlock Nicholas

      Hi Mokshit, Our Tax Professionals have years of training and experience. They’re the most knowledgeable people to help you answer that question. I’d be happy to schedule an appointment for you to meet with one of our tax professionals and will be sending you an email to assist. Thanks for posting! -Nicholas

  • collette

    I have lost my 2010 tax return paperwork. Can I get a copy of them?

    • HRBlock Nicholas

      Hi Collette, Absolutely! If you filed with us in an office, we can set up a time for you to go into any office in your area to get a copy of your 2010 return. If you filed with us using H&R Block at Home, that is also very easy. I will be sending you an email to assist. Thanks for choosing H&R Block! ~Nicholas

  • alma

    hi my name is Alma and i had a h n r block employee do a second look on my 2010 taxes. We had a amendment done and i send it by certified mail. Just recently i received a letter from the IRS saying that “WE COULDN’T ALLOW YOUR CLAIM” ” SINCE YOUR REQUEST TO CHANGE YOUR FILING STATUS TO SEPERATE WAS POSTMARKED AFTER THE ORIGINAL DUE DATE, IT CANNOT BE ALLOWED.” WHAT CAN I DO TO FIX THIS? WILL I BE ABLE TO RECEIVE MY TAX REFUND? THANK YOU

  • Lisa

    We are preparing for retirement…the money that is already taxed-can we get a deduction at the end of the year for it? If we invest it after taxed? Can we get a deduction for any money we put into an IRA or what ever (after taxed money)? Thanks!
    We have been with Michelle in Warsaw NY -HR Block for 18 plus years…

  • Michael pulley

    Would you please explain michigan’s new law taxing retirement pay. and specifically, is social security going to be taxed without regard to earnings? michael a. pulley

  • mrsjohn telford

    I stand corrected, I contacted HQ! They took it more seriously than the district manager did! I’m glad to know that H & R block will police their own. Thank you H & R Block. I will use your services. After my divorce, since I see honesty, I will trust with you.

    • HRBlock Nicholas

      Mrs. Telford, Thank you for coming to us with your concerns. Your satisfaction is important to us and we value you as a customer. While we’re sorry to hear about a bad experience we are glad to hear that it has been sufficiently addressed. If there is ever anything you need in the future, please don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you for choosing H&R Block! Regards, Nicholas

  • mrsjohn Telford

    H & R Block will e-file married joint return, without the wife’s signature. Then they will say that their 8 year agent, made a mistake. Although I spoke with the agent & informed him of proper procedure when there is a divorce pending. The agent’s could care less, he wanted his client happy, right or wrong. The District Manager agreed with his agent “saying it was a mistake”. How many signatures are missing on other tax forms, while the IRS is mailing the checks out? Yes, he got the check.

  • Vince

    thank you HR Block. your service was great nj said i owed $$ but yr return stood up. now i have the check what do i with it? is that my pain and suffering reward?

    • HRBlock Karen

      Hi Vince, Thank you for your compliment! Wonderful you received great customer service from your H&R Block office and you received a refund. Happy spending! Karen

  • Meredith Jones

    Investment property (lot of land). Bank has agreed to short sale. They will write a 1099-c for $83,000 as this is the amount they forgave. Also, I lost 100,000 (selling price much lower than basis).
    I am insolvent as I owe more than what I own.

    Question: What methods should I use to prove insolvency, especially when I have to report values of what I own like cars and personal property? How do I determine the value of these things so that the IRS accepts them?

    • HRBlock Karen

      Those are great tax advice questions! Contact the nearest open H&R Block office, so that they may provide you with these answers. Please follow this link to locate an office near you: Thank you for choosing H&R Block, Karen

  • Hank Prichard

    H&R Block say they are a professional tax preparation business truth is they suck they hire people off the street that dont know how to file taxes for people. I had them do mine last year {2010) was just notified by IRS that there were multiple mistakes on my return costing me thousands. Think a professional would stand behind the work they do, well they dont. They say just go ahead and pay off all the taxes and penalties, interest and we will cut you a check for interest and give you a coupon for 100 dollars off next year. I have friends that broadcast as well as podcast and the word of H&R Block will not be a good one to hear. I will do all in my power to stop people from using this service. This is one pissed off customer that will never use H&R Block again

    • HRBlock Nicholas

      Hi Hank, Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We are sorry to hear about the situation with your 2010 taxes, and would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you in more detail regarding this. Please check your email for a message from me. Thanks, Nicholas

  • melissa

    This is for the offices in Ottawa…204 Bank Street to be exact….YOU NEED TO ANSWER YOUR PHONES!!!!! Been calling all day and all i keep getting is a voicemail box that is full! Come on guys, get it together and act like a company!!!

    • HRBlock Karen

      Hopefully you have been able to reach the office on Bank St in Canada. If not, please let us know so that we might further assist you. Thank you for choosing H&R Block, Karen

  • Carol

    My husband and I started keeping our grandson this summer full time. I’ve called and talked to 2 long Block employees and got opposite answers. One said I could deduct all expenses for things I purchased for him to use here (we purchased a used playset, materials to build a sandbox, and some art supplies). The other said I couldn’t deduct anything. I know I should claim all income and I don’t plan to deduct anything for use of our home, but would like to be able to deduct some expenses and at least some meal costs.
    Thanks for your help.

    • HRBlock Nicholas

      Hi Carol, Thanks for asking! We would like to arrange a time for you to dialogue with one our tax professionals more specifically. Our Tax Professionals have years of training and experience and are able to provide the answers for your specific situation. I’d be happy to schedule an appointment for you to meet with one of our tax professionals, or if you are using H&R Block at Home, provide you with the best avenues for assistance. I will be sending you an email so that we can best assist. Thanks, Nicholas

  • Mark Arbogast

    In error I applied my refund to next years estimated tax, again this was a mistake what do I need to do now to get my money refunded to me.

    • HRBlock Karen

      To correct a filed tax return, you will need to file an amendment, form 1040x. Contact the nearest H&R Block office and they will be able to assist you with this. Follow this link for the location of an open H&R Block office nearest you: Thank you for choosing H&R Block, Karen

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