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H&R Block – What Do You Ask a Tax Advisor [UPDATED]

June 10, 2011 : Allie Freeland – Contributing Editor

Editor’s Note: This post was updated on August 11, 2016.

At Block Talk, our job is to make sure that our help is actually helpful. This means when you ask us questions about your taxes, we have an answer for you.

We’ve pulled together a list of FAQs related to tax preparation and planning. The questions we most commonly get are:

  1. “What are some tax implications when you get married?”
  2. What should I bring to my tax appointment?”
  3. How does buying a home affect my taxes?”
  4. Do I even need to file my taxes this year?”
  5. “How long should I keep tax documents?”
  6. “What happens while the IRS has my return?”
  7. ” What are some of the latest changes to the 1095 tax form?”
  8. “Can I prepare my taxes using a pay stub versus a W-2?
  9. “What are the rules about claiming dependents on my tax return?”
  10. “What are some methods of receiving my tax refund?”

(Click on each link in the list to get more information about each topic.)

Keep the questions coming. Don’t be afraid to chime in on our Facebook or Twitter channels, and let us know how we can help take the pain out of taxes. We’re listening, and we’re taking action!

Allie Freeland – Contributing Editor

Allie Freeland – Contributing Editor

H&R Block

Allie is the Contributing Editor of the H&R Block blog, Block Talk. She has been a practicing grammar geek since 2007.

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