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Jump Start Your Taxes With H&R Block At Home Online

December 2, 2011 : Becky Brown - H&R Block

Becky Brown

H&R Block At Home Online is up and running, ready to prepare your 2011 taxes.

Sure, it’s the beginning of December, and you have until April 17 to prepare and file your taxes. But getting a preliminary feel for your tax situation before the end of the year can help you plan – and take money-saving action. Giving monetary gifts, making donations, selling stock, or contributing to a retirement plan now can all impact your tax bill when you file in the spring.


H&R Block At Home Online offers many different options – so there’s one that fits your tax situation. They’re all free to try, allowing you to test-drive the program and test the tax waters with your current information. Then, you can finalize your data once you have your final year-end documents. It’s easy.

Our step-by-step Q&A and refund meter let you know right where you stand. And, all H&R Block At Home programs come with these guarantees:

  • Maximum Refund Guarantee
  • Worry-free Audit Support
  • Accurate Calculations Guarantee

Get ahead of the game now and reap the benefits later.

Becky Brown - H&R Block

Becky Brown - H&R Block

H&R Block Digital

Becky was the senior editorial manager for H&R Block At Home.

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