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URGENT: Update on IRS Refund Processing Delay

January 26, 2012 : Scott Gulbransen - Previous Contributor

Unfortunately, the IRS is taking longer to process returns than originally expected as communicated in this statement posted on 1/26.  We’re sorry this will negatively impact the date of your expected refund provided to you when you visited H&R Block.  Expected funding dates are always estimates provide to H&R Block by the IRS. To determine the new estimated date of your refund visit under Where’s My Refund?

Scott Gulbransen - Previous Contributor

Scott Gulbransen - Previous Contributor

H&R Block

Scott was the Director of Social Media at H&R Block and the veteran of 10 tax seasons. Before H&R Block, Scott helped create the social media platforms at both Applebee's and TurboTax.

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