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Screencast: Checking Out Block Live

February 1, 2012 : Matthew Staub - Past Contributor

Here in our little nook of the H&R Block headquarters, we spend a lot of time talking about innovation. Part of our job is to understand the latest online technologies and how they can be better used to connect with you guys — our clients.

We also spend a lot of time talking about taxes, since, ya know, that’s what we do. We talk about how to make the whole experience of taxes and personal finances less intimidating and more personal — and just plain easier —  in the way we reach out using content and technology.

One of the most ambitious products that came across our desks for the first time this year is Block Live, which handles all aspects of having your taxes done real time at home by an H&R Block Tax Pro. You may have seen the pretty funny TV spots we released to introduce the product.

Ultimately, though, we wanted to actually get in there and play with this thing. We’ve seen the demos, but what was it really like, in the wild? I called my friend Elaine, a tax pro that works on Block Live, and asked her if I could simulate what a client would experience filing a return, since I didn’t have all of my documents. She indulged me — and I recorded the whole experience so you could ride along.

I’ll admit, the experience made me even more excited about this innovation after I tried it. Video chat? That’s not particularly innovative in my mind. What makes this thing so cool is that it is the perfect intersection of a lot of cool technologies, and they all just work. Chat, document management, mobile apps — everything works together to make this a complete tax solution. I had fun checking it out and I hope you enjoy looking over my shoulder!

Matthew Staub - Past Contributor

Matthew Staub - Past Contributor

H&R Block

Matt is a social media strategist and past blog contributor. He's a lover of cities, travel, mass transit, bicycles, food, and beer.

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