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IRS Informs Us of More Delays

February 10, 2012 : Darla Tierney

Update 2/23/12:

Based on current IRS guidance, most refunds are being issued from the IRS in 10 – 21 days.  However, based on the new guidance from the IRS it could take longer. You can check the status of your return and get an estimated refund date from the IRS by going to and clicking on Where’s My Refund? or by calling 1-800-829-1954.


A late Friday update for our clients regarding IRS refund delay issues.

In a discussion today with the IRS they informed us that they are continuing to experience delays in processing tax returns. Clients who filed their return this week are likely to experience a one week delay in receiving their funds. In working with the IRS they have asked us to have you all continue to check the “Where’s my Refund” site for more information on the status of your return. They are working on further communications that will be on their website shortly.

That’s what we have for now. Have a great weekend and thanks!


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