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Four Ways for Procrastinators to File Taxes

April 6, 2012 : Teresa L. Clark - Corporate Communications

Approximately 20 percent of us are self-admitted procrastinators (though it takes us a while to admit it), so it’s no surprise that more than 1 in 4 taxpayers file their tax returns in April. Some good news for procrastinators: even though time’s running out, H&R Block is still offering all its tax prep options. Plus, all the options come with accuracy guarantees – and some options are free.

Taxpayers can prepare their tax returns these four ways with H&R Block:

  • Click – use H&R Block At HomeTM (software and online)
  • Tap – use mobile apps for smartphones and the iPad
  • Chat – work with a tax professional via Block LiveSM
  • Meet – work with a tax professional at a retail tax office.

Need more information? No time like the present…

Click – H&R Block At Home is a DIY option built for speed

Doing your taxes quickly on your own doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice accuracy. H&R Block’s do-it-yourself tax preparation methods have the decades of the company’s expertise built in; an interview sequence asks DIY filers questions about changes in their lives in the past year that could impact their tax outlook, further ensuring the users claim all the tax credits and deductions they are entitled. Even if you used another DIY method last year, H&R Block At Home will import your information, which is a big timesaver that ensures accuracy.

H&R Block At Home offers DIY taxpayers multiple online and software products to match the complexity of the taxpayer’s individual situation. This includes H&R Block At Home Premium & Business for business owners seeking a solution that allows individual and business tax returns to be prepared with the same product.

Tap – There’s an app for that

Are you clutching your iPad while you read this post? Well, filing the 1040, 1040A and 1040EZ forms on the iPad tablet is free all tax season. Or, you can use the free H&R Block At Home™ 1040EZ app on the iPhone and Android smartphones to file form 1040EZ and a state form completely free through April 17. These are the industry’s only fully free mobile tax filing products.

Also, the new and improved H&R Block Mobile App can find an office, and help you select a tax professional and schedule an appointment. Even non-H&R Block clients can track their refunds, access countless tax answers, estimate tax liability and receive tax tips year-round with this app. Truly, it’s like having a tax office in your pocket.

Chat – One-on-one tax prep via video conference with Block Live

Block Live launched this year and is ideal for taxpayers who want a highly skilled tax professional to prepare their taxes, but have difficulty making it to a tax office.

Taxpayers with a computer, a camera and microphone can interact in real time with their tax professional via integrated online video conference or chat. The taxpayer also shares documents back and forth securely through the program with a tax professional to complete the return. Taxpayers also have the option of using the phone and real-time chat.

Meet – You still have time to visit an office

Even with time running out, taxpayers can get their taxes conveniently prepared by an H&R Block tax professional and make the deadline. Don’t have time to stay at the tax office because you need to do other stuff you put off until the last minute? H&R Block’s free drop off service lets clients bring their tax documents to an office and leave while their taxes are being prepared.

Using H&R Block’s drop off document checklist can help clients ensure they take everything the tax professional will need to accurately prepare the return. One very important document to remember to take is the 2010 tax return because information on it is needed to file an accurate 2011 return. (Also, if your 2010 tax return was not prepared by H&R Block, you can get a free Second Look® review to make sure it was prepared accurately.) When the 2011 return is ready to be filed with the IRS, the client can sign the return online or come into the office.

Also, participating tax offices will have extended hours as the deadline nears.

“Depending on a taxpayer’s individual needs and comfort level with their finances, they elect to come to a tax office for assisted preparation or they do their taxes themselves,” said Elaine Smith, master tax advisor and enrolled agent at H&R Block. “At H&R Block, there are a variety of ways for taxpayers to get their taxes prepared, all based on what clients want and need. As the April 17 tax filing deadline nears, H&R Block is available to help taxpayers file accurate returns anyway or anywhere they choose.”

Teresa L. Clark - Corporate Communications

Teresa L. Clark - Corporate Communications

H&R Block

Teresa is a former member of the H&R Block media relations team.

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