Superhero Economics: Bruce Wayne vs. Peter Parker [INFOGRAPHIC]

[UPDATE 7/16/12] We got swept away in the fun & fantasy and initially miscalculated Bruce Wayne’s estimated tax bill — we’ve adjusted it accordingly on the graphic below. Yes, even Batman and Spiderman must abide by the current IRS tax code. While being charitable does pay, it’s true that even Bruce Wayne couldn’t escape the IRS when it comes to his charitable deductions. While we calculated Mr. Wayne’s annual income at $145,000,000, we noted he donated $279,000,000 (what a guy!) Alas, Batman’s tax bill can only be cut in half due to the IRS maximum charitable deduction of 50 percent of AGI. Our Gotham City tax office regrets the error.

This infographic isn’t about what makes a superhero. It’s about what a superhero makes. (See what we did there?)

Today, we take a look at the lifestyles of Bruce Wayne and Peter Parker, and compare the cost of the out-of-costume identities of two of our favorite superheroes. Enjoy.

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