What Does It Cost to Educate a Child? [Infographic]

August 30, 2012 : Jerry Green - Community Manager

By now, your star student is heading back into the classroom with a backpack full of brand new pencils, notebooks — and maybe he’s sporting a new outfit, too. As you probably know all too well, those back-to-school expenses add up quickly.

But the investment in educating your child isn’t just putting a dent in your wallet. Our latest infographic takes a look at the average cost of putting a child through a year of public elementary, middle and high school.

What figure is most surprising to you?

Back to School

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Jerry Green - Community Manager

Jerry Green - Community Manager

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Jerry is the previous community manager at H&R Block. Before coming to Block in 2011, Jerry managed the brand and marketing communications teams at the company formerly known as EMBARQ.

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