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Fall Filing Cabinet Fix-Up: What to Keep and What to Pitch

October 18, 2012 : Jerry Green - Community Manager

Let’s talk about your shoebox full of papers. It is… full of papers. A receipt from a blended coffee beverage you purchased in the summer of 2007, a repair bill from the vehicle you owned two cars before this one and a pay stub from your high school ice cream shop gig. Purge!

Fall is the time to get organized — get ahead to ensure tax time goes smoothly and is not a frustrating exercise in digging through junk papers to find important stuff. We’ve put together this handy cheat sheet to help you figure out what to keep and what to pitch. Happy organizing.

Documents to Keep and Document to Pitch


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Jerry Green - Community Manager

Jerry Green - Community Manager

The H&R Block Community

Jerry is the previous community manager at H&R Block. Before coming to Block in 2011, Jerry managed the brand and marketing communications teams at the company formerly known as EMBARQ.

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