Introducing the H&R Block Community

February 12, 2013 : Jerry Green - Community Manager

Real life has real tax implications. Not just during tax season, but every day of every month, all year long. You get that. That’s why you read this blog.

As you approach each of the major life milestones and learn about the tax implications and financial impact of things like buying your first home, getting married, having children and heading into retirement, where do you go to share the experiences you’ve had?  Where can you ask for help from professionals who know the ins & outs, or seek guidance from peers who have been through the same situations themselves?

We know just the place: The new H&R Block Community.

We’ve launched a forum to facilitate the conversation about taxes and money as they relate to you and your life. The community is a place to share your wisdom, ask and answer questions and learn from the experiences of people just like you — from the major life events to the everyday situations with tax implications that may surprise you.

We understand most people don’t spend time studying the tax code. That’s why, in addition to hearing from people who have been in your shoes, tax pros from H&R Block will be in the community to participate in the discussion and guide you, whether you need help understanding the impact of new laws and policies or want to know how the everyday changes in your life may change your tax filing situation.

Since we launched the community this tax season, we’ve seen some great discussions developing. We’re seeing new members browsing around and getting their feet wet, and the response from our charter members and early participants has been overwhelmingly positive. Clients have told us that the community has given them some new perspectives on issues they hadn’t previously considered closely, and we hope it can do the same for you.

This is a long-term initiative, and we’ll continue to add unique content to keep the community relevant year-round, because even though tax season is short, life continues – and, of course, so do the tax implications.

As the community continues to grow, we’d love to have you join the conversation. Head over to the community and check it out.

Jerry Green - Community Manager

Jerry Green - Community Manager

The H&R Block Community

Jerry is the previous community manager at H&R Block. Before coming to Block in 2011, Jerry managed the brand and marketing communications teams at the company formerly known as EMBARQ.

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