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How to Get Help During Tax Season Via Social Media

February 27, 2013 : Kevin Cobb – Past Contributor

It’s tax season, which means two things: you’re stressed about getting your taxes done and you’d like your refund – yesterday. We know you have questions and might even need help right away. Like many clients, you turn to our social media channels to look for those answers or to seek help.

In order to give our clients the best possible service, and help solve their issues or answer their questions, social media isn’t always the best way – or the right way – to do it. Because many of these issues are personal and require more information, we must get you quickly to our Client Services professionals who can assist you. To make it as convenient as possible, we’ve set up direct connections to those agents via your favorite social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Here’s where to go if you’d like help as fast as possible in social media this tax season:


Truth be told, our H&R Block Facebook page is not run by our Client Services group. It is moderated and monitored by our Social Media team who can only forward customer service issues to that Client care team. To offer more convenience for our clients on Facebook, we designed and launched this tax season a first-of-its-kind Client Service App on our Facebook page. This allows you to enter a “ticket” so a service rep can get back to you and start working on your issue or question. At the top of the page you can click on the tab, (It will only work from a standard browser, mobile is not available in Facebook yet) enter your information and our service team will contact you as soon as possible.  We aim to take the “hold time” out of the care process with this tab. You can see the app by clicking here.


On Twitter we give you a direct connection to our Client Care Team with the @hrblockanswers Twitter handle. If you need to reach out to them and get in touch offline, they can do that. If you want a quick question answered, they can do it right on Twitter.  Follow it and Tweet your question or concern.

We also still have some “old school” ways for you to reach out to us offline. You can also email this team at, or if you prefer to talk to a human being about an issue that would take way to long to type then 1-800-HRBLOCK is your best bet.   If your question is specific to the Emerald Card or bank then the best number is 888-687-4722.

We know this has been a challenging year with the delays to e-file and acceptance of certain forms.  We understand the frustration.  We are here to help and want to get that help to you in the most efficient way possible.  If you use the channels set up above we can do that to the best of our ability. Hang in there everyone. No two tax seasons are the same and we will get through this together.

Kevin Cobb – Past Contributor

Kevin Cobb – Past Contributor

H&R Block

Kevin was a Senior Marketing Manager, Social Media for H&R Block. Prior lives include managing social strategy and channels for Hallmark Cards and EMBARQ.

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