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Teens and Personal Finance – Surprising Survey Results

March 28, 2014 : H&R Block Dollars & Sense

At H&R Block Dollars & Sense, we’re constantly looking for new ways to help teach teens about personal finance. Our parents used to call it “knowing the value of a dollar,” but in today’s world managing finances can be a lot more complex. From applying for tax credits online to smartphone investing apps, some of us may not even feel qualified to talk to our own children, or our students, about money.

That’s okay. At H&R Block Dollars & Sense, we work directly with parents, teachers, schools and teenagers to provide tips, tools and incentives to make the conversation about financial education much easier.

And following the nearly five years of offering advice, grants and scholarships, we thought it was time to check in to see how they’re doing. In February of this year we surveyed over 1,000 teens ages 13-17 and found some surprising results.

Whether you’re a teen, a parent, or a teacher, we think you’ll be interested to see what America’s teens are saying about finances. Did you know, for instance, 97 percent of teens plan on going to college? 75 percent of teens say their parents are the primary source of financial knowledge? Curious to learn more?  Check out the infographic below for more interesting results.


Got questions? Ideas? Hit us up in the comments below — and don’t forget to browse around this blog for great tips on teaching teenagers about finance.

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H&R Block Dollars & Sense

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H&R Block Dollars & Sense is committed to helping teens become real-world ready adults by providing them with personal finance tips, tricks, resources and through the H&R Block Budget Challenge.

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