Financial Literacy and Education, By the Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC]

October 2, 2014 : H&R Block

Where are your kids learning about money? Whether it’s budgeting, credit cards or taxes, they are most likely learning about financial topics from you – their parent. In fact, 75% of high schoolers have said most of their money knowledge comes from their parents. Now the big question. What are you teaching them? We look at how financially-savvy our children are and what could possibly change in our schools to help teach these topics.

This is a cause that is important to us. The H&R Block Budget Challenge is free and encourages students to learn personal finance in a fun, engaging way while competing against other classrooms and students for $3 million in classroom grants and student scholarships. Check out their blog for more personal finance info geared to teens.

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Why Financial Literacy Matters

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