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Filing Taxes with a Bilingual Tax Pro at H&R Block [VIDEO]

March 4, 2015 : Violeta Stauffer-Rodriguez

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Ed note: First time tax filers may have a lot of questions about the process – what to prepare, how to schedule an appointment and what happens during the visit. This might be especially daunting if English is your second language. We wanted to illustrate how easy it actually is to get that return filed, and all in Spanish too!

If you have ever asked yourself what it’s like to file your taxes with H&R Block and you have never visited one of our offices, then maybe my experience can give you an idea of what it’s like to file your taxes with a bilingual tax professional at H&R Block.

Check out the few steps that I followed that helped me simplify the process of filing my taxes.

Schedule the appointment at

One of the most important steps is picking the person that will prepare your taxes. Through and its Find an Office feature, not only can you locate the office closest to you, you can also select the tax professional that meets your needs.

Preparing documents prior to the appointme

You should make sure you have all the documents necessary for your appointment, including the most basic information about yourself and members of your household.

Ready to file

Make sure you arrive on time to your appointment, and bring all your documents with you. Any information that you do not include may mean a delay in your refund or, even worse, force you to file an amended return. Also, if you are a new customer, you can even ask about any promotion available to you.

One of the advantages of filing your taxes with a tax pro at H&R Block is that you can return to the same tax pro if you have any further questions. Many of the H&R Block offices are open year-round.

Whooo! Refund Season!

If you are one of those lucky enough to receive a tax refund, it is important to know the estimated waiting time. The IRS estimates that 9 out of 10 refunds are issued within 21 days from when the return was received.

Remember, if you have more questions about your taxes, you can visit The Community in our Spanish language message board, Preguntame.

Violeta Stauffer-Rodriguez

Violeta Stauffer-Rodriguez

H&R Block

Violeta is a social media manager at H&R Block. She focuses on sharing financial knowledge and lifestyle tips that are especially relevant to other Latinos. She is a native of El Salvador but love (also known as her husband Tim) brought her to Kansas City. Her background is in marketing and communications. She loves to read and have nice conversations in English or Spanish. You can find her eating tongue tacos, foie gras and other exotic things any day of the week.

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