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Spending Money to Make Money: Five Loyalty Rewards Programs for Teenagers

October 27, 2015 : H&R Block Dollars & Sense

As a general observation, teens are not the most frugal when it comes to spending habits. An effective budgeting plan can help remedy the problem by helping teens reel in spending and become responsible money managers.

Since teens will more than likely continue to spend money on items they want, the next best thing is to take advantage of that spending with loyalty rewards programs. Here are five loyalty rewards programs for teenagers.


Whether they need the caffeine or like the adult connotations associated with drinking coffee, teens inevitably spend lots of money on the beverage and all of its fancy variations —especially at Starbucks. Add to that, Starbucks locations are popular places for teens to meet up, hang out, and yes, spend money. Luckily, Starbucks offers one of the best and most creative rewards programs that can mitigate some of the reckless Frappuccino-induced spending. Their system rewards stars on purchases, offering free food and drink after buying a certain amount of items. It’s the old-fashioned rewards system using new age technology. The app makes it easy and engaging for teens to save a bit of dough.

Amazon Prime

Adults rejoice at the simplicity of Amazon Prime’s free two-day shipping services. Your teen can also enjoy the perks of Prime too. Students who sign up for the program get six free-months of the service. This is the perfect service for items big and small that you might need on a whim. Remember, though, that after they will be charged the full membership amount after that six-month window.


Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good pair of designer shoes for cheap? Your teen can earn easy rewards every time they shop smart at DSW. Their rewards program is simple: points get acquired with each dollar spent! They also send special coupon on their birthday as an added incentive to go into the store and buy some discounted designer shoes. What’s great, too, is that once they accrue enough points, they can get a certificate for $10 off of their next purchase. Take note, though, that DSW points expire 24 months after they’re earned.

Walgreens / CVS

Your teens need to buy essential health and beauty care products somewhere, so they might as well shop at the larger chains that offer some unique reward deals. Besides racking up points on purchases in-store and online, Walgreens offers extra deals to customers who are committed to living a healthier lifestyle. If your teen links up their personal digital fitness device, they can earn points for simply walking and weighing themselves. Points can also be earned for checking in to gym classes like yoga. It doesn’t hurt to have extra motivation in cash form to help your teen get and stay healthy.

Library card

This, some might say, is the original rewards card. The library is a great resource for more than just books, offering things like free DVD, Blue-ray and audio books rentals. A lot of libraries also offer free classes, both educational and physical. On top of that, librarians tend to be local history buffs and can help your teen get started on school assignments.

Loyalty rewards programs are a nice way to neutralize your teen’s spending, but remember to encourage them not to overspend in the interest of more points.

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