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Giving Back This Thanksgiving

November 19, 2015 : Violeta Stauffer-Rodriguez – Past Contributor

Editor’s Note: Are you looking for Thanksgiving volunteer opportunities? You’ve come to the right place. No matter where you live in the country, we’ll offer some advice on how to lend a charitable hand. Read on for more info…

As many families prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving together and give thanks, we also think about ways to give back.

Whether it’s donating time or money, charitable giving is an important way to support your community. Here are a couple of easy ways to find thanksgiving volunteer opportunities from our Latino influencers:

“November is one of the most important months to be thankful for all that we’ve received in the year. It’s also a great month to donate possessions to local charitable organizations, not only because they can benefit others but because it raises awareness in our family to give away excess items before receiving gifts at Christmas.” – Diana Rodriguez,

(Note: Keep records of your donations, in case you were to get audited.)

“Our Thanksgiving dinners are a healthy mix of American tradition and Latino heritage. We still go around the table and say something that we’re thankful for, but we’ve started going a step further and doing a few things in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving dinner.” – Pattie Cordova,

(Note: After you give thanks, come up with a few charities you could donate you time to the day after Thanksgiving!)

“We always have a thousand things to do, really 24 hours doesn’t seem like enough to fit in all the activities we want to do. That’s why I like to take the holiday season and year-end to focus on social good and volunteering. Hopefully we will repeat it every year or manage to work it into our schedules all year long.” – Romina Tibytt,

(Note: Pick a charity that is near and dear to your heart! For example: animal, children, education, and homeless rehabilitation could be some of the areas you are passionate about.)

Don’t forget, you may qualify for tax breaks when you volunteer your time. They may be deductible, but only if you follow the rules.

We want to know if you blend Thanksgiving (or the other winter holidays) with any charitable giving. Are you cleaning out the house in preparation for holiday celebrations? Or are there any community service activities you do at this time of year?


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