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How to Deduct Donations – Which Ones Qualify? | H&R Block

November 23, 2015 : H&R Block

It’s the time of year for giving. Your favorite charity might be soliciting donations around the holidays – as is, probably, your college, your church and political candidates. Don’t lump them all together! Some of these donations may qualify for a charitable deduction on your tax return, while others definitely won’t. Which ones don’t make the cut? Read on for details!

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Which donations do and don't qualify for a charitable deduction

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  • A contribution to a qualified charity is deductible in the year it is paid. If a contribution is made with a credit card, it is deductible when it is charged, not when you pay the bill.
  • Most people will not contribute more than 20% of their adjusted gross income to charity, but there are limits.
  • The IRS only permits donations of clothing and household items that are in “good condition” or better. Special rules apply to vehicle donations.
  • Always get a receipt for donations. If you are in the 25% bracket, that $1,000 donation receipt could be worth up to $250 in savings.
  • No deduction is allowed for a separate contribution of $250 or more — unless you have a receipt or written confirmation from the charity. A canceled check alone is not enough.

Hopefully this article gave you helpful insight on charitable donations and taxes. More tax resources can be found in “Get Answers“.


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