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Balancing Finances and Charitable Giving

November 26, 2015 : Mike and Lauren – Guest Contributors

There’s a lot to spend money on this time of year – presents, parties, food for gatherings. It’s also the time of year that we bring thankfulness to mind and do some year-end giving to our favorite nonprofits. So how do you balance your personal finances and charitable giving? We think it’s best to try and make it easier to fit charity into your budget. Smart small, start local and make it a priority. Get all the details in the video above!

Also: you may qualify for tax deductions for your charitable giving. Check out the basics you need to know for claiming those donations.

Mike and Lauren – Guest Contributors

Mike and Lauren – Guest Contributors

Mike & Lauren TV

Mike and Lauren began their YouTube career in 2008, when they went backpacking through Europe for 2 months, spending less than $10,000. They are determined to “retire” by Mike’s 31st birthday in 2018, documenting their journey and providing financial tips and tricks along the way.

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