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Help! My identity was stolen!

Identity theft is no joke. More than 12 million consumers were victims in 2012, according to a Javelin report. That’s 1 million more than the previous year, costing consumers more than $21 billion. But it’s not just money that identity thieves take–they can ruin your credit rating and cost you months, or even years, in […]

Can Paying Taxes Late Affect Your Credit?

Can’t pay Uncle Sam? Don’t plan to? There are consequences — and failure to pay may even affect your credit. Credit Karma’s Bethy Hardeman explains.

Credit Report Decoder: The Terms Glossary

If the words on your credit report are the least bit unclear to you, look no further than this awesome credit report terms glossary CreditKarma’s Bethy Hardeman put together for Block Talk.

The Big Number That Impacts Your Financial Future

Bethy Hardeman of Credit Karma explains the basics — consider this your crash course in credit scores.