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JoeTaxpayer is the founder of the eponymous where he has been blogging on various financial topics, with a focus on taxes, retirement, and estate planning, for over five years, and the newer where he shares his thoughts on the Roth IRA and Roth 401(k). Joe is a frequent contributor and one of the moderators of the Usenet group misc.taxes.moderated. You can also find him on twitter at @JoeTaxpayerBlog and Facebook at

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Deducciones por el uso de tu vehículo

Nota del editor: Mucha gente sabe que, si utilizas tu automóvil o camión para trabajar, puedes deducir algunos de los costos relacionados con el vehículo en la declaración de impuestos. ¿Pero sabías que también podrías detallar el uso de un vehículo cuando está relacionado con costos médicos, trabajo de caridad o una mudanza? Tenemos algunos […]

Deductions for Using Your Vehicle

Ed note: Many people know that if you use your car or truck for business, you can deduct some of the costs associated with the vehicle on your tax return. But did you also know that you might be able to itemize use of a vehicle when it’s associated with medical costs, charitable work or […]

Deductions for Using Your Vehicle

Ed note: Whether you drive a car, truck or van, there may be some tax deductions you can take advantage of this year. Read on for all the details.  Buried in the tax code are some opportunities for savings that you might not be aware of. Today, we’ll take a look at the deductions you […]

The Top 10 Tax Audit Triggers

Ed Note: As you may know, a tax audit is an IRS inspection of an individual’s or entity’s books and records. If you’re audited, the IRS will send you a letter stating which type of tax audit applies to you. You’ll need to comply with the IRS’ requests for information (which is why you’re advised […]

5 Things Parents Need to Know About Filing a Tax Return

Your new bundle of joy comes with his or her own list of benefits on your tax return. Be sure you keep these things in mind to maximize your tax refund.

How to Change Your W-4 Withholding to Maximize Your Tax Refund

Joe Taxpayer shares a few tips & strategies for changing your W-4 withholding to maximize your tax refund.