Guest Blogger: Tahnya Kristina – Guest Contributor

Kristina is a financial services professional with over 12 years of experience working in the banking industry. She helps people invest their money wisely and plan for their retirement at the DINKS Finance blog. Kristina enjoys helping people plan their personal budget, pay down their debts, and enjoy their financial lives. You can follow her on Twitter @TahnyaKristina.

Posts by Tahnya Kristina – Guest Contributor

6 Ways to Prepare Your Home For a Long Vacation

Ed note: Recently, I landed at my vacation destination only to be greeted by an email informing me that a package I ordered had just arrived at my house. Whoops. A scramble ensued to get a neighbor to pick it up and store it out of sight. Before you make the same kind of mistake, […]

Three tools every small business owner needs to be successful

Ed note: There are so many elements to a great business – an awesome product, possibly talented employees and the right tools to support you. Tahnya Kristina has advice from some successful business owners about what low-cost tools help them run their business well. Having a great idea is the first step towards starting a […]

Love and Money: How One Couple Used Real Estate to Earn a Million

Ed note: It always amazes me when a couple can build a successful business together – my husband and I have a hard enough time coordinating daycare drop off and pick up some weeks! Tahnya Kristina shares a remarkable story of one couple that has found a sweet spot with both love and money. Leer […]

Amor y dinero: Cómo una pareja utilizó bienes raíces para ganar un millón

Nota del editor: Siempre me resulta sorprendente cuando una pareja puede desarrollar un negocio exitoso juntos. ¡Para mi esposo y para mí ya  es difícil a veces coordinarnos quién lleva y recoge a nuestra hija de la guardería algunas semanas! Tahnya Kristina comparte con nosotros una historia memorable sobre una pareja que ha encontrado un […]

Make your dream come true: How this couple bought their first home

Ed note: There’s no one path to homeownership. Sometimes you plan, and plan, and plan. Sometimes it sneaks up on you. Sometimes there’s failure. We talk with one couple about their path, and how they were able to purchase their first home. Leer en español. Do you want to know how other couples do it? Buy […]

Convierte tu sueño en realidad: La historia de cómo una pareja compró su primera casa

Nota del editor: no existe un único camino para convertirse en propietario de vivienda. A veces uno planifica, planifica y planifica. A veces la oportunidad se presenta. A veces uno fracasa. Hablamos con una pareja sobre el camino que ellos tomaron, y cómo pudieron comprar su primera casa. ¿Quieres saber cómo lo hacen otras parejas? […]

Buying a Home? What You Need To Know Before You Sign

Ed note: It’s time to buy your first house! It’s super easy to get completely distracted by square footage, and hardwoods and granite and two-car garages and so much more. After all those concerns fall away though, you are left with a sizeable monthly mortgage payment and a new item to discuss with your tax […]

¿Vas a comprar una casa? Lo que debe saber antes de firmar

Nota del editor: ¡Es hora de comprar tu primera casa! Es muy fácil distraerte por completo ante el atractivo de un sitio espacioso, de la madera noble y el granito, del estacionamiento para dos automóviles y tantos otros detalles. Sin embargo, una vez que todas estas consideraciones se disipan, te quedas con un pago hipotecario […]

Does Money Equal Happiness?

Ed’s note: We’ve all heard the old adage: money can’t buy happiness. But it can play a role. To take a look at how it may or may not contribute as DINKS Finance’s Kristina joins us to weigh in. When is the last time that you were honestly and truly happy? Maybe it was today […]

Single Income and Single Expenses: The True Cost of Being Single

Ed Note: We don’t often think this way, but our relationship status is more than just a detail on our Facebook profile – it’s also an important part of our tax forms. Whether you’re single or married can make an impact on the financial benefits you are entitled to, and being single doesn’t always prove […]