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Scott Gulbransen is the Director of Social Media at H&R Block and is the veteran of 10 tax seasons. Before H&R Block, Scott helped create the social media platforms at both Applebee's and TurboTax. He's a former print reporter and also writes for and is the #21-ranked Dad blogger in the US for his writing on He's the married father of five children.

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Oklahoma Tornado Recovery: How You Can Help

H&R Block is a national sponsor of the Red Cross Disaster Relief efforts. Please donate today.

H&R Block and Waze Join Forces

At H&R Block, we’re used to innovating. Just like Henry and Richard Bloch innovated over 50 years ago to create the largest franchised and retail tax business, today’s Block continues to find news ways to help, serve and interact with clients. This week we became the first retail tax preparer to work with Waze – the […]

What You Need to Know About Form 8863

Some taxpayers are receiving letters from the IRS informing them their returns are now under further review. Some of these letters are related to Form 8863 (Education Credits). Here’s what you need to know.

Tell us Your Dreamfund and Win $20,000

The IRS tells us approximately 70-percent of Americans get a tax refund each year. That refund is usually in the neighborhood of around $2,700. That’s not pocket change but do you ever wonder what you’d do if your refund was say, $20,000? Perhaps you need a new car. Maybe you’d like to take a dream […]

Dear Santa, Forget the North Pole. Move to Alaska. [INFOGRAPHIC]

Santa, it makes perfect sense to relocate your North Pole headquarters to Alaska. Here’s why.

Obama Wins. Here’s What That Could Mean For Your Taxes. [INFOGRAPHIC]

How does Obama’s re-election affect your taxes? It’s still too early to tell for certain, but our Block Talk team has compiled research & reports from a number of media sources to provide an at-a-glance look at what was discussed on the campaign trail and what’s being reported by major news outlets.

H&R Block Hosts All-Star Social Media Command Center

For the first time in the history of the MLB All Star Game, Kansas City has created a “Social Media Command Center” featuring regional social media experts who’ll help local government agencies, city boosters and gametime revelers ensure smooth sailing during the celebration July 6 through July 10 — and our own H&R Block Center will host.

Mommy Blogging by the Numbers [Infographic]

Of the almost 4 million Mommy Blogs in North America, a handful have considerable power and reach. In our latest infographic, we take a closer look at the top 10 Mommy Bloggers — and we’d like to be the first to wish them a happy Mother’s Day.

Statement On Talk Radio Advertising

It has come to our attention that local news/traffic radio sponsorships have been aired during political radio talk shows in clear violation of our media buying guidelines. As always, H&R Block does not advertise on political talk shows – no matter who the host – and we’re working to rectify these errors and remove the […]

The Plight of the Mustached American [Infographic]

Still on the fence about whether to support the STACHE Act, which calls for a $250 tax break for mustached Americans? Consider this: for every participant, H&R Block will contribute to Millions From One, which provides clean drinking water to those who cannot obtain it. And, of course, consider our latest infographic.