Guest Blogger: Matthew Staub - Past Contributor

Matt is a social media strategist and past blog contributor. He's a lover of cities, travel, mass transit, bicycles, food, and beer. He has a favorite pizza place in most American cities.

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The Money Behind Your Favorite TV Shows [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s that time of the year when the air starts turning chilly and our minds begin to turn towards the start of the new fall TV season. New shows start up, all of our old favorites return (sometimes!) and we are glued to our favorite story lines while threatening our friends with bodily harm if […]

Pleading the Fifth, and Other Arguments That Won’t Get You Out of Paying Taxes

We assume that you’ve been less than enthused about tackling your taxes at some point over the last few months. But some people take that lack of enthusiasm to a whole new level. Like to the Supreme Court.

The Procrastinator’s Guide to Filing Your 2012 Tax Return [INFOGRAPHIC]

Make the next couple minutes reasonably productive by taking a journey through our interactive Procrastinator’s Guide to Filing Taxes. Or do it later. Whatever.

Experience HRB: Filing Taxes at an H&R Block Office [VIDEO]

Ride side-by-side with Block Talk’s Matt Staub as he files his 2012 tax return in an H&R Block Office.

Tax Document Checklist: What Do I Need to Bring to My Tax Appointment?

Before you visit an H&R Block office for your tax appointment, be sure you gather the necessary documentation so we can find your every penny you’re entitled to.

The Complete Guide to the W-2 Form [INFOGRAPHIC]

What information is on my W-2? Do I really need it to file taxes? What do I do if I don’t receive my W-2?

Introducing Hackovate Health: An Innovation Competition

More than three out of four consumers are unaware of the key role their 2012 tax return will play in their health care coverage next fall. That’s why H&R Block and early-stage business incubator and startup accelerator, Think Big Partners, have teamed up to launch Hackovate Health 2013.

Too Much Candy, That Old Banana Costume and Your Taxes

Don’t be scared of deducting your Halloween charitable contributions. Just be sure you know what’s deductible — and how to document it all.

Dispatches From The All-Star Social Media Command Center

We’ve been hard at work at the MLB All-Star Game Social Media Command Center hosted in our Downtown Kansas City headquarters. With two days still to go until the first pitch, we’ve already seen a flurry of activity from visitors to our hometown. Here’s a look at some of the numbers as of this morning.

UPDATED: Where in the World is our $100,000 Winner?

By now, most taxpayers have received their tax refund checks — but one lucky H&R Block at Home user scored the refund of a lifetime: the winner of our $100,000 grand prize in the H&R Block at Home Refund Giveaway.