Guest Blogger: Venessa and Julia - Everything Pretty

Venessa is in her 20s and lives in a little apartment in Brooklyn with her husband Paul and their reindeer of a dog, Otis. She works at a publishing company in Manhattan and is a freelance writer for a boy mystery series on the side. Her favorite thing in the world is turning trash into treasure. Her favorite thing to do on the weekend is explore the city for hidden gems. She is constantly distracted by pretty things. So she figured it was only right to share. And therefore, Everything Pretty was born. Julia is a twenty-something gal who works in publishing in Manhattan. She currently, and most recently, resides on the Upper East Side. Being a young adventurer and dreamer, over the past few years she’s lived in many places including Southern California, Hawaii, Boston and New York and has traveled all over Europe. The places and the people she’s met on her way have become a huge inspiration. From the fashion and photography to artwork and design, she’s passionate about everything pretty. With that said, living in NYC, she’s broke as a joke, and on a hunt for pretty things without breaking the bank.

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Wedding Talk: Our Favorite DIY Projects for the Budget-Conscious Bride

To wrap up our budget wedding series on Block Talk, we’re thrilled to welcome Julia and Venessa of Everything Pretty. Working together, the girls found creative, budget friendly ways to pull off Venessa’s dream wedding this year, so we asked them to share some of their favorite elegant DIY projects that helped bring the costs down for Venessa’s big day.