Health Care

What do taxes and health care have in common? A lot. We can explain.

advance premium tax credit
Apr 13th, 2015

File a Tax Return or Risk Losing Advance Premium Tax Credit

As of April 9, two out of three U.S. taxpayers had already filed their tax returns. Bad news? There are still a third of you out there who may need to file. In fact, estimates show that about 7.5 million taxpayers annually do not file returns but should, based on data received by the IRS. Leer […]

Apr 10th, 2015

Don’t Let Health Insurance Issues Keep You From Filing A Tax Return

Ed note: As tax season comes to an end, we wanted to address a few last-minute issues for taxpayers who may find that their return is a bit more complicated this year, thanks to the Affordable Care Act. If you’re one of the millions of people who bought health insurance through the Marketplace in 2014 […]

Affordable Care Act
Apr 7th, 2015

What are Marketplace Hardship Exemptions, and How to Qualify?

Ed note: If you didn’t have health insurance in 2014, you may be avoiding your tax return in fear of having to pay a penalty. There’s good news, though. You may qualify for an exemption – which means you don’t have to pay the fee. Here’s a closer look at some exemptions that are a […]

Affordable Care Act
Mar 18th, 2015

PPACA Compliance and Shared Responsibility for American Expats

Ed note: American expats may not be giving the Affordable Care Act a second thought, but don’t be so quick to dismiss it. If you don’t meet one of several requirements, you may still face a penalty on this – or future – tax returns. With the tax season now in full swing, many expats […]

Mar 3rd, 2015

Health Care Tax Form Error Impacts 800,000 – Are You Affected?

If you had health insurance coverage through a Marketplace plan in 2014, you should have received a new tax form – the 1095-A. The 1095-A reports information you will use to complete your tax return, most importantly in reconciling your Advance Premium Tax Credit or determining your Premium Tax Credit. Leer en español. Unfortunately, 800,000 […]

Affordable Care Act
Feb 23rd, 2015

Missed the Deadline to Enroll in Health Insurance, Now What?

We’ve been telling you since November that you need to have health insurance coverage and/or enroll in a Marketplace health care plan. Otherwise, you could face a hefty penalty when you file your 2015 taxes next year. Leer en español. By now, you’ve missed the deadline to get a plan through a federal or state Marketplace. You needed […]