Jan 14th, 2014

Keeping Tabs on ExPat Taxes [INFOGRAPHIC]

Fleeing the U.S. to live abroad might sound like a dream-come-true. But before you take your fantasies too far, remember this: as long as you are a U.S. citizen, you still pay taxes to Uncle Sam. Here’s a look at how many of our expatriate Americans fall under these unique tax rules. Click image to […]

Jan 7th, 2014

14 Changes That Will Affect Your Taxes [INFOGRAPHIC]

Many of the things we think of as our “personal life” – getting married or divorced, having a baby – are actually very important to our taxes. Chances are, one of these 14 items applies to you. Take a look and make sure you are taking advantage of deductions and are prepared come filing day. […]

filing taxes
Jan 2nd, 2014

Guide to a Stress-Free Tax Season [INFOGRAPHIC]

W-2s. AGI. 1040EZ. The acronyms and form numbers at tax time can make your head spin. Take a few hours and use this guide to make sense of what you need and what you don’t. This organizational step should make preparing your taxes a less stressful task. Ver en Español. Click for larger image Like […]

Dec 26th, 2013

Happy Returns [INFOGRAPHIC]

It isn’t crunch time for tax returns yet. However, it is a busy season for gift returns. Here’s a few things to know if you’re one of the 10% taking back a present. Click for larger image. Like this infographic? Use the code below to embed it on your site: Click image to see a […]

charitable donations
Dec 16th, 2013

Charitable Giving [INFOGRAPHIC]

From bell ringers to clothing drives, December is the most charitable month of the year. Today’s infographic digs into who gives – and receives – the most charitable contributions. Also, get a few tips on what can be deducted come tax time. Click for larger image. Like this infographic? Use the code below to embed […]

Dec 9th, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree, How Expensive Are Thee [INFOGRAPHIC]

Tis the season. Shopping, parties, decorating and all things holiday. The centerpiece of every good Christmas celebration is the tree. In our latest infographic we take a close look at all of the numbers that go into the grand holiday tradition of the Christmas Tree. Click for larger image. Like this infographic? Use the code […]