Personal Finance

May 7th, 2015

Move Home or Move On

Ed note: Moving back home may come with emotional baggage. But when it comes to making a decision about your finances, you have to think rationally. Put aside your feelings and use this impartial calculation to help determine whether it’s best to move back into your parents’ house or strike out on your own. If […]

armed forces
Apr 27th, 2015

Comparing Military Compensation to a Civilian Salary

Ed note: Negotiating a compensation package can be tricky. Do you ask for a larger salary, more time off, greater benefits? This is especially true when leaving the military. Many of the things military members are accustomed to aren’t part of traditional compensation models. So it’s important to those perks into account when negotiating your […]

Apr 23rd, 2015

What Should I Do About My Credit Ahead of Applying for a Mortgage?

Ed note: Interest is a tricky thing. The difference between a loan with 4% interest and 5% interest sounds so small, but it can mean big dollars over many years. Here are some tips from Credit Karma for making sure you’re able to keep that interest number as low as possible when you buy a […]

Apr 17th, 2015

3 Types of Insurance You May Not Have — But Should Consider

Ed note: Insurance can be a useful tool, but with so many different kinds of insurance, it’s difficult to know what you need or not. Betterment has identified three types of insurance that you may have overlooked but are worth spending money on.  Scan a hospital bill for the cost breakdown for services. The difference […]

Apr 7th, 2015

Which Credit Card Reward is the Most Valuable?

Ed note: If you are credit card-savvy and tend to use them for additional benefits – like a loyalty program – you may start to analyze whether a cash back or points reward system is best for you. Jason Steele has some key things to consider when making the decision. What is the more valuable […]

Mar 26th, 2015

Why You Should Pursue Early Retirement Even if You Love Working

Ed note: It’s easy to say you should save for retirement. It’s even easier to keep putting off that saving because retirement is so far away. So what happens if you move the finish line – say you’ll retire at 50 instead? According to David Ning, a lot. I always tell people to strive for […]