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Oct 23rd, 2013

UPDATE: Delay in Tax Filing Date

The IRS has announced a delay to the start of the 2014 tax-filing season. So how long of a delay are we looking at? Previously, the original kick-off date to the start of the upcoming filing season was announced as January 21st, 2014 for individuals. Yesterday, however, the IRS announced a possible two-week delay for […]

Oct 2nd, 2013

How Will the Government Shutdown Affect Taxes

ED NOTE: The government shutdown is on everyone’s mind right now. While we can not help with how long this may last we did break down how it will affect your taxes. We will continue to watch this and stay on top of how your taxes will be affected and we will get through this […]

Aug 29th, 2013

UPDATE – IRS Recognizes All Legal Same-Sex Marriages for Federal Tax Purposes

IRS UPDATE: Couples all around the United States have finality about how they will file federal tax returns due to guidance just released by the IRS. The IRS announced it would treat same sex couples as lawfully married for tax purposes if they got married in a state or foreign country that recognized same-sex marriages […]

Aug 6th, 2013

The Medical Expense Deduction: Crossing the Threshold

Although most of the attention given to the Affordable Care Act has been focused on the requirement that individuals obtain health insurance by 2014, you should be aware that another feature of the Act is that the medical deduction threshold increased in 2013. For prior years, if you itemized your deductions, you were able to […]

Jun 26th, 2013

Tax implications of today’s Supreme Court DOMA Ruling

Ed Note: Today’s Supreme Court ruling on DOMA could have far reaching implications when it comes to the filing of income taxes.  We asked Kathy Pickering, Vice President, H&R Block Government Relations and Executive Director, The Tax Institute at H&R Block to give us an overview of what the changes could mean for tax purposes. Does […]

Jun 20th, 2013

The State of Online State Sales Tax

Ed note: We all know that the online sales tax issue has been floating around for years, but how much do you really know about what’s been going on behind the scenes in Washington? Stewart Wolpin is here to take you through where we’ve been and where we’re headed along the road to paying state […]