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Mar 4th, 2015

Filing Taxes with a Bilingual Tax Pro at H&R Block [VIDEO]

Ed note: First time tax filers may have a lot of questions about the process – what to prepare, how to schedule an appointment and what happens during the visit. This might be especially daunting if English is your second language. We wanted to illustrate how easy it actually is to get that return filed, […]

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Mar 2nd, 2015

Know the Facts: Common Tax Scams

Your phone rings. You look at the screen. It has a number you don’t recognize, but the caller ID appears as “IRS.” Your heart leaps into your throat. What could be wrong? You answer. Leer en español. The person on the phone tells you they’re with the IRS, they may even give a badge number. They begin […]

Feb 27th, 2015

How to Qualify for Tax Deductible Moving Expenses

Ed note: In my 20s, I lived in Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Iowa and Massachusetts. Four of those moves were for work (or my spouse’s work). It was always very confusing when it came to determining if we could deduct any of the moving expenses. Guest contributor Ryan Guina has some great information if you find […]

Feb 26th, 2015

Social Security Benefits – How Much Is Taxable

Ed note: Taxes on social security benefits are confusing. You report them on your tax return, but they are often not taxed. Here are a few general rules of thumb from our experts at the Tax Institute. All social security benefits, whether in the form of retirement benefits, survivor benefits or disability benefits, are taxed […]

Feb 25th, 2015

How to fix an error on your tax return

Ed note: This is an update to one of our most popular posts – so you aren’t alone if you think you made a mistake on your tax return! Leer en español. Filing your taxes is one of those projects that may feel overwhelming and anxiety provoking, and when you get to the end you […]

Feb 19th, 2015

Tax Considerations For Recent Grads

Ed note: Getting that first “real” job has a lot of exciting perks and maybe one that isn’t so exciting. If you’ve been claimed on your parents return in the past and not made enough to file, this could be your first year filing a full return on your own. Here are a few perks […]