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Oct 1st, 2014

The Basics of Charitable Deductions

This summer, The ALS Association raised more than $100 million dollars from contributions related to the “ice bucket challenge.” Even our own CEO got involved. And, of course, it isn’t the only nonprofit out there. National Breast Cancer Awareness Month has just begun, and over the next few months there will be a slew of […]

Sep 30th, 2014

3 Myths About Taxes That Newlyweds Need to Know [VIDEO]

Love and marriage, love and taxes. Wait, what? If you’re engaged, you are probably daydreaming about cake and flowers, not contemplating the changes that will come as a married taxpayer. But if you don’t give it much thought, you could fall victim to a couple of common tax misconceptions that float around. Here we debunk […]

Sep 22nd, 2014

Cuatro conversaciones sobre dinero que debes tener antes de casarte

Nota del editor: El dinero es uno de esos temas de los que tal vez te dijeron que no se debe hablar, como la religión y la política. Sin embargo, es una de las conversaciones más importantes que debes tener antes de casarte. Erin Huffstetler tiene una guía paso a paso para ayudarte. El dinero […]

Sep 10th, 2014

Careful Strategies for (Figuratively) Cutting Cable Cords

Ed note: I’m still searching for that utopia where I can watch my favorite shows, for a reasonable price, without paying for the thousand other channels I don’t care about one bit. Until that day comes, I may just have to implement some of these strategies to decrease my bill without ditching everything.  Is there […]

Aug 11th, 2014

How to Save on Dorm Room Essentials

Ed note: Head to any big-box retailer and you’ll likely see checklists for “dorm room essentials.” If you bought everything on the list, you might not have enough room to transport yourself in the car! Erin Huffstetler sorts through shopping strategically and ways to save money on those dorm room furnishings. Headed off to college […]

Jul 9th, 2014

Tips and Tools for Better Document Management

Now that you know which tax documents you should keep and how long to store them, it’s time to manage the hoard of paper. P.S. here’s a list that includes guidelines for more than just tax documents. Leer en español. Paper storage isn’t bad, however, it can be difficult to manage – since it requires physical […]