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Sep 1st, 2015

Breaking Down The W-4: What it Means, and How it Affects Your Taxes

Ed note: That first day of a new job is so exciting! Not so exciting is the miles of paperwork. Tax forms. Health insurance. Retirement plans. One of those pieces of paper is incredibly important when it comes to how much you might owe at tax time. The Tax Institute is here to help explain. […]

Affordable Care Act
Aug 25th, 2015

Life Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes and Your Health Insurance Coverage

Ed note: Life can be stressful enough without having to worry about how major changes might affect your Marketplace health insurance. Never fear – we’ve broken it down so you don’t have to. Leer en Español. If you have health insurance through the Marketplace, you need to report life changes when they happen. A life […]

Aug 14th, 2015

How to Help Better Protect Yourself Against Tax Identity Theft

If you get a notice from the IRS that someone else has filed a tax return using your information, the first question is likely to be, “How did this happen to me?” The answer is: all too easily. A thief only needs your name, birth date and social security number in order to file a […]


What To Do If A Fraudulent Tax Return is Filed Using Your Information

Identity theft is a fact of modern life. That may sound bold, but the numbers support that unfortunate reality. According to the Wall Street Journal in February, 803 million individual records have been stolen in the last three years through major information breaches – like when the Target or Anthem databases were compromised. The U.S. […]

Aug 5th, 2015

Do I have to pay taxes on my scholarship?

Ed note: Scholarships are free money! Actually, depending on how the scholarship money is used, it could be taxable. Read on to learn when you need to report money from scholarships and when it’s tax-free. Leer en Español. College students and their parents often ask whether money from scholarships is taxable. As always, we are […]

Jul 30th, 2015

The IRS changed my refund. Now, what?

Ed note: We know how important it is to get a tax refund. While waiting for the refund to arrive can be frustrating, getting a refund that’s less than expected – or none at all – can be upsetting. Here are a few reasons this could happen, and what to do if it does happen […]