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Apr 8th, 2015

Cómo enseñar a tus hijos desde pequeños a superar desafíos

Nota del Editor: Hablar sobre cómo enfrentar los desafíos y retos con tus hijos puede tener un enorme impacto en su vida adulta. Marinés Duarte nos da algunos consejos sobre cómo tener esa conversación con tus hijos de manera que los ayude a lidiar con los retos de cada etapa de la vida desde pequeños. […]


Stop Putting Off That Tax Return – How to File ASAP

Few things in life are as dependable as tax day. The April 15 deadline was put into place in 1955 and remains the same today. Sure, there’s been some times where April 15 falls on a weekend or holiday so the actual deadline shifts. But there is a reason the saying “nothing can be certain […]

Apr 2nd, 2015

Madness of Gambling in the United States

Ed note: Have you caught basketball fever? It’s around this time of year that gambling – and the tax issues related to it – gets a lot of conversation. While Warren Buffet took his million-dollar prize off the table, you may still be pocketing a nice wad of cash from the office pool or from […]

April 15
Mar 25th, 2015

Deadline Looming: What if You Aren’t Ready for Tax Day

There are 21 days left to file your 2014 tax return on time – but who’s counting? OK, we are. And you probably should be, too. There are some pretty stiff penalties if you are required to file a tax return and don’t take any action before April 15. Leer en español. There is good […]

Mar 19th, 2015

Getting Everything You Deserve With Second Look

Congratulations on filing your 2014 tax return! Now, are you sure you got back the whole refund you were entitled to? Leer en español. Not getting your full refund isn’t as crazy as you might think. There are several common mistakes that frequently come up. Let’s see if any apply to you. Wrong Filing Status […]

Mar 16th, 2015

How Can you Pay, if you Owe Back Taxes

Ed note: If you finished preparing your tax return only to discover that you OWE the government a large sum of money you might be upset or worried about how to pay the amount. You need to know that there are options available to you. Mike Slack, from The Tax Institute, explains. Leer en español. The […]