Sep 30th, 2014

3 Myths About Taxes That Newlyweds Need to Know [VIDEO]

Love and marriage, love and taxes. Wait, what? If you’re engaged, you are probably daydreaming about cake and flowers, not contemplating the changes that will come as a married taxpayer. But if you don’t give it much thought, you could fall victim to a couple of common tax misconceptions that float around. Here we debunk […]

Apr 14th, 2014

Get Last-Minute Help Filing Your Tax Return [VIDEO]

The deadline to file your 2013 tax return is tomorrow, April 15, 2014. (For most people, at least. You may have longer if you live abroad or serve in the military and meet certain qualifications.) We wanted to highlight some of the best places to get help from H&R Block in our weekly digest video. […]

Apr 6th, 2014

Last Minute Tips [VIDEO]

April 15 – “tax day” – is now less than two weeks away. We have an important reminder from the IRS, a look at what’s coming up this week on Block Talk and some information about ITINs from Violeta, in Spanish.

Covenant House
Mar 29th, 2014

News Updates from the IRS and Last-Chance Donations to Covenant House [VIDEO]

If you haven’t yet, make sure to check out There’s only a few more days to share the photos and videos, which represent donations we will make to Covenant House. Other news from the IRS and an update in Spanish, all in the video below.

Affordable Care Act
Mar 26th, 2014

Two Important Deadlines [VIDEO]

April 15 isn’t just an important date to know for filing taxes this year. It’s also the last day to file or amend a tax return for tax year 2010. March 31 is the deadline for open enrollment in a Marketplace health insurance plan, under the Affordable Care Act. If you’ve been without health insurance […]

amended return
Mar 17th, 2014

Injured Spouse – What to Know [VIDEO]

You received your tax refund. The only problem is, the amount is much smaller than it was supposed to be. The funds may have been taken to pay an offset. We talked with the Tax Institute to get more information about these offsets and what you can do if the debt is only owed by […]