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Aug 28th, 2015

Extending the Life Expectancy of Major Home Appliances

One of our most popular posts looked at how long seven common household appliances should last you. But should isn’t good enough for us. We dug into exactly how long they are operational, the cost to replace them and tips for keeping them in working condition longer. What’s more – we went way beyond seven appliances. […]

Aug 27th, 2015

How to Build a Professional Wardrobe Without Breaking the Bank

Ed note: New job + new salary = shopping spree! Don’t get caught in that trap. A new gig might be a good reason to invest in new clothes, but follow these tips to do it smartly and without spending all that hard-earned cash.  So you’re starting a new career and want a wardrobe to match. Awesome! Here […]

Aug 21st, 2015

Demystifying Debt in the Real World

Ed note: An accident. A medical diagnosis. A job loss. There are a number of scary things that can happen in life that can also wreck your finances. Here’s one story of crisis and how a family made it through with a somewhat controversial approach.  Financial experts like to tell you to stay out of debt. […]

Aug 19th, 2015

How to Decode Financial Terminology

Ed note: Using a checking account, savings account, credit or debit card are fundamental ways to manage finances these days. Although they might be considered “basic,” these accounts still have fees and terminology that can be confusing. Here’s help decoding those terms. Do you ever feel that financial companies are speaking their own language? In a […]

Budgeting & Saving
Aug 18th, 2015

Moving Out: How to Prepare Financially

It’s time to leave the nest, to strike out on your own, to make your own way, and so on and so forth. We have a lot of trite cliches to say that you are achieving full independence and supporting yourself. But are you really prepared? About 30% of millennials live at home with at […]

Aug 14th, 2015

How to Help Better Protect Yourself Against Tax Identity Theft

If you get a notice from the IRS that someone else has filed a tax return using your information, the first question is likely to be, “How did this happen to me?” The answer is: all too easily. A thief only needs your name, birth date and social security number in order to file a […]