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Oct 13th, 2014

5 Essentials for Making Your Child’s Halloween Costume

Ed note: I couldn’t help but be inspired by Holly’s awesome ideas for easy, no-sew, DIY Halloween costumes. I had to try them for myself! After reading, I bet you’ll feel the same way too. Store-bought Halloween costumes can be quite expensive but making your own at home can be a cost effective and fun […]

Oct 10th, 2014

Retirement Savings for the Self-Employed, Explained

Ed note: Saving for retirement can be daunting. Saving for retirement without a company-sponsored plan can seem impossible. There are several options out there, but you’ll have to decide what works best for you.  Leer en español. When you are self-employed, your retirement options may seem confusing. Without a company 401(k) or pension plan to […]

Oct 7th, 2014

How to Save Cash on Extracurricular Activities

Ed note: Compared to the (relative) leisure of summer, you might suddenly feel pulled in a million directions – soccer practice, piano lessons and more. On top of it all, these new activities require STUFF. Christina from There’s Just One Mommy has a few pro tips and maximizing your money, and your time, on these […]

Oct 1st, 2014

The Basics of Charitable Deductions

This summer, The ALS Association raised more than $100 million dollars from contributions related to the “ice bucket challenge.” Even our own CEO got involved. And, of course, it isn’t the only nonprofit out there. National Breast Cancer Awareness Month has just begun, and over the next few months there will be a slew of […]

Sep 26th, 2014

Freelancer Friday Series: How to Handle Payment Problems

Ed note: I am terrible when it comes to anything remotely confrontational. I become a total mousey pushover. For any of you that find yourself in sticky situations – like demanding payment from a client – Cheryl Lock has wonderful suggestions for handling it with calm confidence. When it comes to freelancing, one of the […]

Aug 29th, 2014

Healthy Eating for the New School Season

Ed note: Jenn Fowler is back with one of her incredibly popular recipe posts! These gems will help you have a healthful, affordable dinner on the table in no time. It’s perfect for busy nights during the school year. The lazy days of summer are drawing to a close as the hectic back to school […]