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Aug 3rd, 2015

Ways to Save on College Textbooks

Ed note: We know it’s the little stuff that adds up. While the cost of textbooks may pale in comparison to tuition, it’s still a large chunk of college spending. Use these tips to make book purchases affordable. College doesn’t come cheap. We expect tuition at a four-year university to cost an arm and a […]

Jul 22nd, 2015

10 Unexpected College Expenses to Plan For

Applying for college costs money: prep courses for the ACT or SAT, fees to take those tests, travel to visit schools and application fees to name a few. Once the acceptance letter arrives, it may be easy to assume you only have to worry about tuition, fees, room and board. But that’s not everything. Here […]

Jul 21st, 2015

Things to Consider Before Saving for Your Kids’ College Tuition in a 529 Plan

Ed note: Just because a 529 plan is called an “education savings plan” doesn’t mean it’s the ONLY thing you can use to save for education expenses. David Ning breaks down some of the pros and cons of various ways to save for education expenses smartly. Leer en español. A 529 plan has become a […]

Jul 13th, 2015

Save on Wedding Presents By Group Gifting

Ed note: When it comes to weddings and saving money, Jessica Bishop has the answers. Her site, The Budget Savvy Bride, has many ideas to lower expenses for hosting or attending a wedding. Today, we look at the guest perspective – specifically how to save some cash and still give the couple a great gift. […]

Jul 1st, 2015

6 Ways to Prepare Your Home For a Long Vacation

Ed note: Recently, I landed at my vacation destination only to be greeted by an email informing me that a package I ordered had just arrived at my house. Whoops. A scramble ensued to get a neighbor to pick it up and store it out of sight. Before you make the same kind of mistake, […]

Jun 8th, 2015

Smart Ways to Throw a Wedding for $6,300

Ed note: Budget weddings are actually pretty trendy. Besides saving money (which is always cool), they force you to make more inventive and unique choices, as Dana LaRue outlines below. So, you’re engaged! Yay! Aside from the lovey, giddy feelings, you’re now staring down some major benefits of the betrothed. Namely, you get to file […]