Tips and Tools for Better Document Management

Now that you know which tax documents you should keep and how long to store them, it’s time to manage the hoard of paper. P.S. here’s a list that includes guidelines for more than just tax documents. Leer en español. Paper storage isn’t bad, however, it can be difficult to manage – since it requires physical […]

Records: What’s the Bare Minimum That You Must Keep?

Ed note: Tax season brings a flood of documents – W-2s, 1099s, receipts, Form 1040 and more. Now that you’ve filed – and maybe gotten a refund – are you ready to chuck them all out? Not quite so fast. One of our Tax Institute experts explains why you need to hang on to those […]

How to Say “No” to Your Kids

Ed note: It’s summer! If you have kids who are out of school, this might not be nearly as exciting as it once was. The long days of sunshine may feel eternal, especially as those kiddos bug you to go to the pool and amusement park or to buy ice cream and video games. It […]

Love and Money: How One Couple Used Real Estate to Earn a Million

Ed note: It always amazes me when a couple can build a successful business together – my husband and I have a hard enough time coordinating daycare drop off and pick up some weeks! Tahnya Kristina shares a remarkable story of one couple that has found a sweet spot with both love and money. Leer […]

The Booming Business of July 4th Fireworks [INFOGRAPHIC]

When you hear “the 4th of July” many things may come to mind – a hamburger hot off the grill, a cool lake, the American flag. But what really sets Independence Day apart has to be the fireworks. They are more than just gunpowder; fireworks are the way we come together to show national pride. […]

Spouse is a Non-Citizen, Which Filing Status Do We Use?

Ed note: You studied abroad. You took the job of a lifetime in another country. And you fell in love with more than the culture and your surroundings – you found a spouse. We don’t want to ruin your international love story, but things can be tricky at tax time. Here are a few strategies […]

Keeping Utility Bills in Check: Five Must-Know Tips for Summer Survival

Ed note: Ah, summer. The time of year I open my electric bill with my eyes closed to avoid the painful number staring back at me. This doesn’t have to be your reality though. Maybe both you and I should put these tips into practice so we can spend less while still beating the heat. […]

Win Big? Here’s the Bad News [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s easy to watch Who Want to be a Millionaire – or another favorite game show – and marvel over the huge checks given to winners. It seems too easy to be true! Answer a few questions correctly, and you’ll walk away with thousands. Of course, it isn’t quite that clear cut. We break down […]

DOMA Decision – Looking at “Married Filing Jointly” One Year Later

One year ago, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a ruling that struck down part of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). The court decided that same-sex couples could not be denied federal benefits. Among other things, the ruling allowed legally married couples to file their federal tax returns as “married filing jointly.” However, things are […]

How to Plan a Profitable Yard Sale

Ed note: I get super excited about putting on a garage sale every year – I will get rid of stuff! I will make some extra money! It will be glorious! Inevitably, once I go through my junk and lug it out to the garage, I’m so tired that I chunk it all to the […]