Tips For Building Your Network as a Freelancer

Ed note: We are big believers in making connections online (obviously). When it comes to professional networking, you may be overlooking some important things you can do virtually, as well as a few important steps to take in offline situations. Experienced freelancer Miranda Marquit walks through her tried-and-true ways to expand her network and gain […]

Does Your Micro-Business Need an Accountant: 5 Signs That It Might

Ed note: Unless you’re an accountant, you didn’t start a business to create balance sheets. But what happens when you need them? We went straight to our accounting expert to help you determine when to send up a white flag. Leer en español. You send invoices and record payments on your own. Pay bills and make […]

Free Resources to Help Hispanic Entrepreneurs Overcome Most Common Challenges

Ed note: All entrepreneurs and new business people encounter challenges and need to learn new skills to get their business of the ground. But Letty Rodriguez has discovered that Hispanic entrepreneurs encounter some unique obstacles. The good news is that she has some great suggestions to overcome them. Leer en español. In 2010, the US Census […]

Be Financially Prepared with the Emerald Advance® Line of Credit

It’s a wonderful time of year! The most wonderful, some would say. But on top of fun and food, there may also be new coats and boots for the kids, winter maintenance for the cars and frozen water pipes to deal with too. It’s the time of year to always be prepared. That’s why we […]

Skeletons in Your Tax Closet

Ed note: As we celebrate this scariest holiday, we have one reminder. If you have these tax skeletons in your closet, April 15 might be far more terrifying than Halloween next year. Something taxing this way comes… just in time for Halloween. These are examples of mistakes commonly made with regard to taxes. Now, most people […]

Baby Gone Viral: Internet Fame and Its Tax Implications

Ed note: Kids are funny. Seriously funny. And they always have been! The difference these days is that their parents have video cameras in their back pockets and access to a distribution network that reaches millions of people each day (see: the Internet). The result? Viral video fame for lots of people who haven’t reached […]

Did You Know: The Economic Ups and Downs of Hosting a World Series

We’ve looked at a lot of issues around sports and taxes. We know that many stadiums are funded by tax dollars, that athletes can be taxed by the cities where they play road games and that big contracts also mean big tax bills. Now, we are seeing the intersection of sports, money and taxes firsthand […]

Tax Questions, Answered: Child and Dependent Care Credit

Ed note: Kids – as much as you love them! – are expensive little creatures. Fortunately, the tax code has some nice credits you can take advantage of. However, you must be careful in your calculators. The Tax Institute breaks down one common scenario. Question I will pay $12,000 in day care expenses this year. […]

Health Care Q&A: Who has to have health insurance coverage?

We continue our series on the Affordable Care Act and how it affects you. See all of our Health Care posts for more information.   Who is required to have health insurance?           Probably you. Starting in 2014, most U.S. citizens and residents have to get health insurance to avoid a […]

What a World Series Win Could Mean For A Player’s Tax Bill

Ed note: Wee are still a little World Series crazy around here, as our Kansas City Royals head into another game against the San Francisco Giants. So forgive us for getting a little ahead of things and imagining what would happen to some of our favorite players at tax time if they pull out a […]