Small Business Owners – Your Health Insurance Primer

Ed note: If navigating health insurance requirements is complex for individuals, it can be downright baffling for small business owners. Here’s what you need to know if your small business is growing and employing 100 or more people. Leer en Español. As an employer, one of the most important business decisions you can make is […]

What You Need To Know About Student Loan Forgiveness

Ed note: Did you know there are ways to have your student loans paid off? And they don’t involve having a wealthy, childless aunt somewhere. Robert Farrington covers several great options for student loan forgiveness that are open to a wide range of people. Leer en Español. Student loan forgiveness programs are great options for […]

Summer Camp Fun For Kids – And For Tax Refunds [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ready to send your child off to camp so you can get some peace and quiet this summer? I mean, so they can learn important things like leadership, outdoor survival and horseback riding? No matter why you send kids to camp, or whether they go to day camp or sleepaway camp, you may be eligible […]

Smart Ways to Throw a Wedding for $6,300

Ed note: Budget weddings are actually pretty trendy. Besides saving money (which is always cool), they force you to make more inventive and unique choices, as Dana LaRue outlines below. So, you’re engaged! Yay! Aside from the lovey, giddy feelings, you’re now staring down some major benefits of the betrothed. Namely, you get to file […]

Paying Taxes All Year Long

Most Americans think about taxes once a year – sometime between the end of January and April 15. For those people, every time a paycheck comes, taxes are paid too. They are automatically deducted before the money hits the bank account. An annual tax return reconciles the amount of taxes paid throughout the year with […]

Regional Summer Destinations: Close By and Worth The Trip

Ed note: Looking for a last-minute summer getaway that will be easy on your wallet? I know I am. Ben Edwards has put together this fantastic list of regional destinations and events that make for an entertaining and quick trip – one of them is bound to be within easy reach of you! Regional destinations […]

Is a Garage Sale Worth It?

The days are longer. The flowers have bloomed. Spring cleaning is done. And you can’t drive a mile without seeing a sign for a garage sale. Leer en Español. Whether you call it a garage sale, yard sale, tag sale, lawn sale, rummage sale or something else entirely, they are frequently an annual sign of […]

Buying and Selling Secondhand: A Guide to Making and Saving Money

Ed note: Summer is a great time to get deals, especially at local sales. It’s also an ideal time to sell your extra stuff! Save some time and headaches by learning from Christina Brown’s experience and pinpoint what to buy and sell this year. When money is tight, there are two things you can do: […]

Hire and Higher: How to Get the Most From Your Company Benefits

Ed note: That first day on the job can be overwhelming. There are details about retirement plans, meeting your coworkers, filling out a thousand HR documents and pressing things like finding the bathrooms and break room. Don’t let the important new job perks get ignored in the shuffle. Here’s a brief primer. Leer en español. […]

What can happen after you file – or don’t file?

Ed note: Getting a letter from the IRS after you file a tax return can be terrifying. It’s also not that uncommon. Learn more about the typical reasons you might hear from the IRS and how to go about handling it. Most people only think about taxes sometime between January and April, when they file […]