Resoluciones 2015: ¡Más tiempo de calidad con tu familia!

Ed note: Si parte de tus resoluciones del 2015 es pasar más tiempo con tu familia, pero te es difícil encontrar el equilibrio entre tu vida familiar y el resto de actividades cotidianas, pues has venido al lugar perfecto. Échale un vistazo a los útiles consejos que Marinés Duarte de nos brinda para lograr […]

How to Choose A Filing Status

Ed note: Have you ever questioned whether you are using the correct filing status on your tax return? It seems like a simple thing to choose, but it’s a big one in the long run. Kevin Martin from The Tax Institute has some helpful information for you. Leer en español. Your tax filing status is […]

Tax Refund Delay: Separating Fact from Fiction

Did you hear that tax refunds were going to be delayed until October? Yeah, that’s false. An article on a satirical website last fall fueled controversy that taxpayers wouldn’t get their refunds until many, many months after filing. It isn’t true. However, the Commissioner of the IRS has made comments that may make it seem […]

The Most Important Thing to Know Today – E-file is Open

E-file opened today. In regular speak: the IRS began accepting electronically-filed tax returns today. Here is some basic – but important! – information for you to know. If you haven’t already prepared your return, the countdown to April 15 is on. You can come get help from one of our tax professionals, use our online […]

Top Essential Apps to Run the Family Finances

Ed note: For most of us, the days of balancing the checkbook on pen and paper are long gone. The question now becomes – what are the best tools to help run a family budget? There are so many to choose from. Our contributor Yoly Mason has some advice on the ones she finds most […]

1040 vs. 1040A vs. 1040EZ: Which one is right for me?

Deciding which tax form you need to file can be a little confusing. Wait, you didn’t know there were different forms? Sure thing. The three most common are a 1040, a 1040A and a 1040EZ. Leer en Español. Before we break them down, here are a few easy ways to narrow down what you need […]

Handy, Printable Tax Prep Checklist

If your head is swimming with lists of forms – W-2, 1099, 1098-T – or you’re having dreams about missing something important on this year’s tax return, we might be able to help. Click on this link to open a copy of our tax prep checklist. It can help you identify what documents you need to […]

Smart Filing: How to Avoid Being a Tax Scam Victim [VIDEO]

Now that tax season is upon us (e-file opens Jan. 20!), you may see signs and storefronts popping up to offer you wonderful refunds without any knowledge of your situation, or they may even promise you a refund within 24 hours. Be careful when you see this. Here are seven tips to help you avoid […]

What to know before you start making quarterly payments

Ed note: If you think filing taxes once per year is miserable, filing them four times each year has to sound like the worst thing ever. However, for many self-employed people, it’s a necessity and reality. Here’s how to get started if quarterly filings are new for you.  As a self-employed small business owner, one […]

Refund Delays: What You Need to Know

Ed note: We’ve been seeing some online discussions about whether refunds will be delayed this year. So, we asked our friends at the Tax Institute – H&R Block’s tax experts who also work closely with the IRS – to interpret the situation for us. Waiting is hard. Waiting in line at the DMV, in the […]