Five Days Left: Start Right

Most federal individual tax returns are due April 15. That’s only five days away! Here are five last minute tips to help you file your return as accurately as possible.  It’s getting down to the wire. Regardless, you shouldn’t rush through your tax return – that’s how people miss things and leave money on the table. […]

Heartbleed and Filing Taxes – What to Know

You may have heard about a security flaw called “the Heartbleed bug” that is affecting various websites. You may also be wondering what it means for people electronically filing tax returns. Here’s what you need to know: Is H&R Block affected by the Heartbleed bug? We have found no risk to client data from this […]

A Step-by-Step Guide to Beating Procrastination and Filing Those Taxes

I have bad news. The good news is that it isn’t new news. (Leer en español.) The deadline to file your tax return to the IRS is April 15. You likely know this. You’ve probably actively looked at the date and thought “I have plenty of time. I’ll do it later. After watching all five seasons […]

Health Care Q&A – Which Parent is Responsible for Kids’ Coverage?

We continue our series on the Affordable Care Act and how it affects you. See all of our Health Care posts for more information.   What are my obligations as a noncustodial parent to obtain health coverage for my children? Will I be penalized if the custodial parent decides to enroll them?       […]

Impulse Buys – What to Know

Ed note: Whether they are big or small, impulse buys can have an effect on your budget and personal wellbeing. Contributor Ginger of Girls Just Wanna Have Funds explains.  Who doesn’t like a little retail therapy after a bad day, or even a good one? But what happens when that therapy veers into being a […]

Applying for an ITIN Number: Get Support from a CAA

Ed note: The Individual Taxpayer Identification Number is an important tool for many people. It allows those without Social Security numbers to file or to be claimed as dependents. However, the process can be arduous. Here are a few ways Certified Acceptance Agents at H&R Block can help. Leer en español.  You know you need an […]

Last Minute Tips [VIDEO]

April 15 – “tax day” – is now less than two weeks away. We have an important reminder from the IRS, a look at what’s coming up this week on Block Talk and some information about ITINs from Violeta, in Spanish.

Creating trusted partnerships to help serve the Latino Community

H&R Block and the Hispanic Access Foundation provide free tax workshops in select communities through an alliance created to help educate the Latino community about the importance of submitting tax returns and to provide tools that help avoid fraud and misinformation. (Leer en español.) Since 2010, the campaign “Prepare Yourself for a Better Future” has […]

Teach Your Kids About Money (They’ll Thank You Later)

Ed note: Money can be a tough subject. In some families it is taboo. Other times it is just too abstract. Here, Kate Ashford outlines a few fun and concrete ways to talk about finances with your children. Leer en español. As parents, we pass a lot of wisdom on to our children, but we seem […]

Test Your Financial Literacy [QUIZ]

April is Financial Literacy Month. This topic is obviously very close to our hearts since Block Talk focuses on sharing actionable financial knowledge and works to help simplify your financial life. Some of the key financial issues everyone encounters are: where to spend, how much to save, how to use credit and filing taxes. We’ve […]