Top Fan Hacks for the 2014 NCAA Bowl

Ed note: Are you cheering for the Tigers? The Hawks? The Dogs? Whichever college football team has your heart, Matt Loede has a way for you to follow them – literally – in the postseason. So you and your friends have decided that a 2014 NCAA Bowl game is the place to be. Maybe your team […]

A Party for Prohibition’s Repeal [INFOGRAPHIC]

December 5, 1933 was a happy day for holiday revelers who wanted to enjoy some mulled wine with their Christmas meal or bubbly on New Year’s Eve. That’s the day that the 18th Amendment – Prohibition – was repealed. In honor of the day, we take a look back at its history and how the […]

What to know NOW about health care coverage and your taxes

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), everyone must have health insurance coverage or meet the qualifications for an exemption. Leer en español. As a result of the ACA, there are a lot of changes to this year’s tax code, 46 changes to be exact. That’s why we’ve made it a priority to help you learn about the […]

Selecting a Marketplace Health Insurance Plan

Choosing a health insurance plan can give you a headache. If you are buying one through the Marketplace for the first time, it might seem especially daunting. Here are a few steps you can take to make the process a little bit easier. Leer en español. 1. Look at your budget Calculate how much you […]

Ways to Maximize Holiday Gift Giving For Large Families

Ed note: Sticking to the budget around the holidays is often a serious financial exercise. That’s especially the case if you have a large family to buy presents for. However, these tips from Tracy Lopez apply equally as well to the playgroup gift swap or a work event – any situation where you need to […]

Look Inside Electronic Banking [INGFOGRAPHIC]

In 2014, the IRS reported that 83,915,000 refunds were sent to taxpayers via direct deposit. That’s a cool $244.6 billion flying around. Since these kinds of electronic transactions are part of our everyday lives, we decided to dig in and look at how they actually happen – and what’s coming next. Click to view larger image […]

How to Save On Last-Minute Holiday Travel

Ed note: I’m not sure if it’s the holidays, running around after a toddler or a side effect of getting older, but I feel like time is just flying by. If you are looking at the “DECEMBER” title on that calendar incredulously, and still need to make arrangements for holiday travel, then we have just […]

Three tools every small business owner needs to be successful

Ed note: There are so many elements to a great business – an awesome product, possibly talented employees and the right tools to support you. Tahnya Kristina has advice from some successful business owners about what low-cost tools help them run their business well. Having a great idea is the first step towards starting a […]

5 Tips for Surviving Working in a Business with Friends or Family

Ed note: When you’re getting started in business, your friends and family members are some of your earliest supporters, maybe emotionally but often materially in helping you run the business. Whether you have a formal partnership or are just feeling out new boundaries by being in business for yourself, contributor Ryan Guina has some useful […]

The Savvy Shopper’s Survival Guide for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Ed note: Ready, set, SHOP! OK. Maybe let’s not get quite that carried away. Instead of rushing out to buy ALL THE THINGS this Black Friday or Cyber Monday like a maniac, Kristl Story is here to advocate for some advance planning. The idea is to avoid blowing your budget, but it may be a […]