Foods That Are Healthy For Your Heart and Easy On Your Budget

Ed note: February is American Heart Month. With that in mind, we wanted to focus on ways you can be good to your heart while also being kind to your budget. Cost is often the main excuse for choosing unhealthy foods. The exorbitant costs of healthy foods can sometimes make it out of range for […]

Do you have the right amount of taxes withheld from your paycheck?

Ed note: It’s easy to think about taxes now, when the filing deadline is staring you in the face, but did you know there is something you can tweak any time of year that could affect your taxes? They are withholdings – and how much is withheld is determined by your W-4. Learn more about […]

Moonlighting as an On-Demand Driver Can be Unexpectedly Taxing

Ed note: Whether you drive for Uber, Lyft or any other popular ride share or private car service, don’t underestimate how important this income is at tax time. We asked tax experts Mike Slack and Jennifer Villarino to provide these five essential facts, so you can avoid unwelcome surprises when you file that 2014 return.   Mobile ride-booking services […]

7 Financial Planning Tips for Single Parents

Ed note: Sometimes life changes are happy – new marriage, new baby – and sometimes they are difficult. If you’ve recently become a single parent, whether due to death, divorce or choice, you may have questions or worries about your financial situation. Here are a few things to consider. Leer en español. Single parents have […]

Enroll for Health Insurance Now, or Face a Future Tax Penalty

Ed note: The deadline to enroll in a Marketplace health insurance plan is rapidly approaching. Here’s what you need to know, and why you should enroll now. Leer en español. Everyone is required to have minimum essential health care insurance in 2015. You may be covered under an employer plan or a governmental program, like […]

Most Taxed Cities and States [INFOGRAPHIC]

If it seems like you’re paying a lot in taxes, you might feel better by taking a glance at this chart. Well, unless you live in Philadelphia. Are you surprised at how these figures work out? Leer en español. Click to view larger image Like this infographic? Use the code below to embed it on […]

Child Support, Alimony and Your Tax Return

Ed note: Are child support payments considered income? Do I get a deduction for paying alimony? While we often think of the emotional issues involved in divorce, there are a lot of financial ones too. And tax time has a way of bringing the financial concerns to the surface. Leer en español. If you are in […]

Common Misconceptions About Reporting Dependents

Ed note: In its simplest form, a dependent is a person who relies on another. In the world of the IRS and taxes, a dependent is a more specific and complicated thing. Leer en español. You are allowed to claim one exemption for each person you can claim as a dependent. This is important, since exemptions […]

Tan lejos, tan cerca de los nuestros

Nota del Editor: Estar lejos de los seres queridos no es nunca una tarea fácil, especialmente cuando se encuentran en otro país, pero con las herramientas y la tecnología apropiada, la distancia más grande puede ser también la más corta. Marinés Duarte de nos enseña algunas formas de permanecer cerca de la familia aun […]

Breaking Down the “Marriage Penalty”

Ed note: Have you heard of the “marriage penalty?” No, it doesn’t refer to your friends trashing you because you tied the knot. It’s a common tax phrase, but it can be confusing and complicated. Miranda Marquit has some examples that will illustrate it more clearly. Leer en español. For the majority of married couples, filing […]