Saving for College While Reducing Your Tax Bill

Ed note: As a parent, I do worry sometimes about my daughter and her future education. How expensive will college be when she enrolls? Will she need an advanced degree too? Or what if she doesn’t go to college at all? While I can’t know the answers to those questions, I can do some planning […]

10 Unexpected College Expenses to Plan For

Applying for college costs money: prep courses for the ACT or SAT, fees to take those tests, travel to visit schools and application fees to name a few. Once the acceptance letter arrives, it may be easy to assume you only have to worry about tuition, fees, room and board. But that’s not everything. Here […]

Things to Consider Before Saving for Your Kids’ College Tuition in a 529 Plan

Ed note: Just because a 529 plan is called an “education savings plan” doesn’t mean it’s the ONLY thing you can use to save for education expenses. David Ning breaks down some of the pros and cons of various ways to save for education expenses smartly. Leer en español. A 529 plan has become a […]

Boats and Taxes, Everything You Need to Know While You Stay Afloat

Ed note: OK, taxes are pretty serious business. But with something fun – like summer boating – we just couldn’t help but get a little “punny.” We hope it makes you smile, with the added benefit of helping you maximize your tax refund. If you are thinking about giving into “pier” pressure and buying a […]

Be the Best Wedding Guest on a Budget [INFOGRAPHIC]

Weddings aren’t only elaborate for the bride and groom – there’s a lot for guests to manage, too! Get the details on how much to spend on an engagement gift versus the wedding present, when a plus-one is acceptable and when the whole family is expected. We also have helpful guides for budgeting the travel, […]

Save on Wedding Presents By Group Gifting

Ed note: When it comes to weddings and saving money, Jessica Bishop has the answers. Her site, The Budget Savvy Bride, has many ideas to lower expenses for hosting or attending a wedding. Today, we look at the guest perspective – specifically how to save some cash and still give the couple a great gift. […]

5 Tips For Negotiating An Entry-Level Job Offer

Ed note: I was so happy to get my first job offer, I accepted it immediately without even a lame attempt at negotiation. Don’t be like me. Negotiate smartly, with these tips from Ariella Coombs, and you’ll set yourself up for career and financial success. Leer en español. Graduating college and entering the workforce is overwhelming […]

The Employer’s Perspective on Hiring New Grads

Ed note: Getting a job is important since, you know, it allows you to financially support yourself. But getting that job isn’t always easy. That’s why we asked Dona DeZube to help gather insights from employers to see where you might be going wrong. With this help, you’ll be paying income taxes before you know […]

Picnic Plans Perfected [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you have a picnic on the 4th of July? You aren’t alone. The Independence Day holiday ranks as the most popular for picnics in the U.S., and July is National Picnic Month, overall. If you’re looking to celebrate with a fantastic picnic, here’s an inside look at some of the best locations, food and […]

Finding Financial Independence for the Fourth

Ed note: Happy Independence Day! I hope you’re enjoying beautiful weather, summer food, fireworks and time with friends or family. Because we are always thinking about our clients’ financial lives, and working to help out, we have a something a little different to think about in honor of the holiday. Leer en español. As Americans […]