Hire and Higher: How to Get the Most From Your Company Benefits

Ed note: That first day on the job can be overwhelming. There are details about retirement plans, meeting your coworkers, filling out a thousand HR documents and pressing things like finding the bathrooms and break room. Don’t let the important new job perks get ignored in the shuffle. Here’s a brief primer. Leer en español. […]

What can happen after you file – or don’t file?

Ed note: Getting a letter from the IRS after you file a tax return can be terrifying. It’s also not that uncommon. Learn more about the typical reasons you might hear from the IRS and how to go about handling it. Most people only think about taxes sometime between January and April, when they file […]

You’re 26! What’s your health care fix?

Ed note: Many life transitions are times of fun and adventure. Finally being required to get your own health insurance doesn’t exactly feel as exciting. In fact, it might be slightly terrifying. Don’t worry. We can some helpful tips to make the change easy and stress-free. When you turn 16, you can drive. When you […]

How Much Does Marketplace Health Insurance Cost?

Ed note: Health insurance can be a significant cost, so it’s understandable if you’re worried about how much a new plan is going to run you. The good news is that, if you’re under 30 and selecting a Marketplace health insurance plan, you have options. You should be able to find the one that’s best […]

Between Bread: A Look Inside The Hamburger [INFOGRAPHIC]

It probably isn’t a surprise that Memorial Day (a popular holiday for cook-outs) and National Hamburger Day (May 28) fall so close together. While the humble, but hugely popular, entree got its start in the Middle East before migrating to Germany and then the U.S., its current incarnation is uniquely American. Read on for more details […]

College Graduate: Are you still a dependent?

Ed note: Over and over again, we hear from clients who are confused about dependency. This is particularly true for recent graduates who may be wondering whether they should claim a personal exemption or whether their parents can still file with them as a dependent. Here’s some help to clear that up. Leer en español. So you’ve just […]

13 Tips For A Free College Education

Ed note: If you read “college” and “free” in the same sentence and automatically think “scam,” I don’t blame you. Higher education and high prices tend to come hand in hand. However, Donna Freedman has 13 awesome ways to make that degree free (or low cost). Warning: it will take some work. Leer en Español. […]

Deadlines for U.S. Expats Approaching

If you are a U.S. citizen living, working or stationed abroad and haven’t filed a tax return yet, you need to submit it by June 15. That’s just a couple weeks away! If you still need help preparing a return, contact H&R Block Expat Tax Services. We offer virtual and, in some countries, in-person services to […]

How to Determine if Grad School is Worth It [INFOGRAPHIC]

Education is a powerful thing. It is also an expensive thing. While earning a graduate degree may give you specialized knowledge, new connections and a greater salary, it may also give you debt that is difficult to pay down. Here are some criteria to help you decide whether it’s valuable to pursue that advanced degree […]

Expat Tax Q&A: Why Does the IRS Care About My Visa Status?

Ed note: H&R Block Expat Tax Services is a highly specialized team of tax attorneys, CPAs and enrolled agents whose singular focus is expat tax preparation for Americans abroad. These tax situations can be very complex, so we are featuring some answers to common questions. Today’s post focuses on the foreign income tax exclusion. Due […]