Los cambios de vida y el Mercado de planes de seguros de salud: Qué tienes que hacer

Nota del editor: Independientemente de lo que pienses sobre la Ley de Atención Médica Asequible (ACA, en inglés), esta generará nuevas cuestiones a tener en cuenta en lo que respecta a la temporada de impuestos. Esto es especialmente cierto para aquellos contribuyentes que han experimentado un cambio de vida importante durante el año. Aquí encontrarás […]

About That Tax Return Extension – File Before October 15

Remember way back to April 15. Your friends and family were scrambling. Everyone was talking about returns and refunds and e-filing and so forth. But you were a cool cucumber and filed an extension. The IRS recently said more than 3.25 million taxpayers who filed an extension have yet to file their tax return. Leer en […]

Financial Literacy and Education, By the Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC]

Where are your kids learning about money? Whether it’s budgeting, credit cards or taxes, they are most likely learning about financial topics from you – their parent. In fact, 75% of high schoolers have said most of their money knowledge comes from their parents. Now the big question. What are you teaching them? We look […]

The Basics of Charitable Deductions

This summer, The ALS Association raised more than $100 million dollars from contributions related to the “ice bucket challenge.” Even our own CEO got involved. And, of course, it isn’t the only nonprofit out there. National Breast Cancer Awareness Month has just begun, and over the next few months there will be a slew of […]

3 Myths About Taxes That Newlyweds Need to Know [VIDEO]

Love and marriage, love and taxes. Wait, what? If you’re engaged, you are probably daydreaming about cake and flowers, not contemplating the changes that will come as a married taxpayer. But if you don’t give it much thought, you could fall victim to a couple of common tax misconceptions that float around. Here we debunk […]

Freelancer Friday Series: How to Handle Payment Problems

Ed note: I am terrible when it comes to anything remotely confrontational. I become a total mousey pushover. For any of you that find yourself in sticky situations – like demanding payment from a client – Cheryl Lock has wonderful suggestions for handling it with calm confidence. When it comes to freelancing, one of the […]

10 Ways Getting Married Affects Your Taxes – UPDATED

Ed note: One of our most popular posts ever detailed 10 important tax changes that may affect you after getting married. We’ve updated most of those and included one brand new change that you need to know about before filing that 2014 tax return. Leer en español. 1. Filing status. Once you get married, the only […]

The Guy’s Illustrated Guide to Proposing [INFOGRAPHIC]

What makes a great proposal? Is it the perfect ring? A breathtaking location? Heart-felt words? Don’t stress too much, we are here to help. We pulled together some expert sources to suss out when you know you’re ready to propose, how much to save, how to gauge ring size and preference, even whether you should […]

Unique Apps to Get Kids Moving – That They’ll Love!

Ed note: Being a parent is hard. You want the best for your kids – Eat healthy food! Be active! – but don’t want to fight about it or create long-term issues. Kimberly Grabinski has put together an amazing list of apps that play to kids interests while achieving the healthy goals you have in […]

4 Money Conversations to Have Before You Get Married

Ed note: Money is one of those things you may have been told you aren’t “supposed” to talk about – right up there with religion and politics. However, it’s one of the most important discussions you need to have before getting married. Erin Huffstetler has a step-by-step guide to help you out. Leer en español. Money […]