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Oh Christmas Tree, How Expensive Are Thee [INFOGRAPHIC]

Tis the season. Shopping, parties, decorating and all things holiday. The centerpiece of every good Christmas celebration is the tree. In our latest infographic we take a close look at all of the numbers that go into the grand holiday tradition of the Christmas Tree. Click for larger image. Like this infographic? Use the code […]

Small Business Series: Why Your Corner Mom and Pop Store Matters

All across the country, mom and pop stores are the cornerstones of many thriving “historical” downtown areas, and they provide much-needed economic boosts, since the money spent at such stores often remains local. But in a world of online shopping, full of cut-rate prices and convenience, these stores are trying to figure out how they […]

6 Tips for Holiday Shopping For Teens

ED Note: The holiday season is almost upon us, and joining the millions of shoppers this year will be teens purchasing gifts on their own for the first time. Scott Gamm, youth and family finance advisor for H&R Block Dollars & Sense, offers the following tips for teens buying gifts for their loved ones on […]

Feast of Thanksgiving Stats [INFOGRAPHIC]

Thanksgiving is on the horizon and the minds of many turn to travel, turkey and all that is the annual feast. In this, our turkey-centric infographic we break down the numbers around getting to, enjoying and then working off what is often the biggest meal of the year. Like this infographic? Use the code below […]

Building a Budget for Your Small Business

ED Note: This is the second in our Small Business Saturday series. In the first installment we looked at setting up your small business for tax purposes.  This week’s post digs into the basics of setting up your small business budget, why it is important and what to consider as you get started.  A solid […]

Credit Card Rewards – Worth it? [INFOGRAPHIC]

We recently looked at Rewards Cards for shopping and travel and gave you the low down on if they were worth it or not. In the second part of our rewards card series we look at credit card rewards programs. Which of the cards came out on top? Check it out and let us know […]

Retail Rewards Cards- Worth Your Loyalty? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Rewards cards; there seems to be one for every store and gas station stop along the way. But are they really worth it? We dug into the numbers of some of the big programs out there to answer that very question. This is the first in a two-part infographic series looking at rewards cards. Check […]

Your Small Business and Taxes

Starting a new business on your own can be both intimidating and rewarding at the same time. Hopefully; with a solid business plan and proper guidance those stepping-out on their own will be successful. To make this process a little easier, here are some basic tax considerations a new business owner should take into account. […]

Preparing for the Holiday Season

Perfecting your Walter White costume and buying boatloads of fun-sized candy bars shouldn’t be your only financial concerns this October. With the holiday season looming on the horizon, this is the month to begin preparing for December’s budgetary tribulations. The earlier you start, the easier it will be to ready your bank accounts for the […]

Hair Raising Costs of Halloween [INFOGRAPHIC]

Halloween is quickly approaching. You may already have your costume, trick or treat candy and decorations all in place or you may have a few more things to grab. But have you added up what you spent in total? It may surprise you. Here is what America spends on the second largest commercial holiday. What […]