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Teaching Teens Financial Literacy – And Rewarding Them For it

We’ve reached the midway point in H&R Block Budget Challenge. What does that mean? It means that more than 32,500 high school students have completed this online game – and learned core financial literacy concepts along the way. Budget Challenge teaches how to manage real life issues like paying bills, managing expenses, saving money, investing […]

Introducing the H&R Block Budget Challenge

Properly managing personal finances is critical to success in adulthood, and yet teenagers are woefully under-educated and under-informed when it comes to money matters. In response to this nationwide shortcoming, H&R Block founded Dollars & Sense to provide teens with financial management skills that will last throughout adulthood. Leer en español. Why the H&R Block […]

Test Your Financial Literacy [QUIZ]

April is Financial Literacy Month. This topic is obviously very close to our hearts since Block Talk focuses on sharing actionable financial knowledge and works to help simplify your financial life. Some of the key financial issues everyone encounters are: where to spend, how much to save, how to use credit and filing taxes. We’ve […]

The Best Money Lesson I Ever Learned

Knowledge is power — and taking the time to wrap your head around a few simple money lessons can give you the confidence to make over your finances and put you on the right track to financial fitness.

Don’t Be That Girl: Wealth Building Tips from our Favorite Financially Fit Women

To kick off our Women’s Wealth Building series, we turned to four of our favorite financially fit females and asked: