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Be Financially Prepared with the Emerald Advance® Line of Credit

Update: You can apply for the Emerald Advance Line of Credit until Jan. 19, 2015. It’s a wonderful time of year! The most wonderful, some would say. But on top of fun and food, there may also be new coats and boots for the kids, winter maintenance for the cars and frozen water pipes to […]

World Series: Would You Spend It?

It’s the hottest ticket in H&R Block’s hometown right now: the World Series. For those of us in Kansas City, it’s been 29 years since the Royals have given us the opportunity to see a World Series game in our fair town. So the excitement is high and so are the ticket prices. On Tuesday afternoon, […]

The H&R Block Tax Pro: A Multi-talented, Multitasking Machine

You won’t often see H&R Block tax professionals wearing actual, physical hats. They leave such fashion statements to the celebrity experts. But each H&R Block tax pro wears a number of metaphorical hats on a daily basis. There is rarely a typical day for a tax pro during season, but there are a number of […]

Super Bowl Means Super Taxes

Ed note: For many, the Super Bowl means super money. Advertisers will shell out about $4 million for a 30-second advertising spot this year. Fans will buy more than a billion chicken wings. But the most eye-popping numbers may be the millions of dollars, plus bonuses, that the players will rake in this season. While […]

Last-Minute Tips Before E-File Opens [VIDEO]

Just a few more days before the IRS opens e-file on Friday, Jan. 31. In preparation, we remind you that identity theft is a particular concern this time of year. Also remember to complete your return early if you anticipate any problems or needing to speak with the IRS. Watch the video for even more […]

Meet the H&R Block Social Media Team [VIDEO]

When interacting with a large company online, it’s easy to feel like the people you’re talking to are nameless and faceless. We wanted to change that. The social media team here at H&R Block is available on multiple channels: here (BlockTalk), our community, Facebook, Twitter and more. We do our best to answer your questions, […]

Top 3 Things to Do Now To Save At Tax Season

Don’t wait until you’re filing your tax return to think about taxes. Spending a moment now can help you come out ahead next spring. Here are the top three things you can do now to save time and money at tax time. 1. Can you defer any income until next year (or even later)? This […]

What You Should Know About the Emerald Advance

  Looking for updated information on getting the Emerald Advance Line of Credit in 2014? Click that link for more information. It’s always good to be prepared – especially this time of year. Unexpected expenses come up –busted pipes, dead batteries, broken appliances and such. And of course, it’s always good to have some extra […]

Tax implications of today’s Supreme Court DOMA Ruling

Ed Note: Today’s Supreme Court ruling on DOMA could have far reaching implications when it comes to the filing of income taxes.  We asked Kathy Pickering, Vice President, H&R Block Government Relations and Executive Director, The Tax Institute at H&R Block to give us an overview of what the changes could mean for tax purposes. Does […]

Your Summer Job and Taxes: Tips for Teens

As you embark on your new employment adventure, be sure to keep these tips from our friends at the IRS in mind.