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14 Changes That Will Affect Your Taxes [INFOGRAPHIC]

Many of the things we think of as our “personal life” – getting married or divorced, having a baby – are actually very important to our taxes. Chances are, one of these 14 items applies to you. Take a look and make sure you are taking advantage of deductions and are prepared come filing day. […]

Guide to a Stress-Free Tax Season [INFOGRAPHIC]

W-2s. AGI. 1040EZ. The acronyms and form numbers at tax time can make your head spin. Take a few hours and use this guide to make sense of what you need and what you don’t. This organizational step should make preparing your taxes a less stressful task. Ver en Español. Click for larger image Like […]

Charitable Giving [INFOGRAPHIC]

From bell ringers to clothing drives, December is the most charitable month of the year. Today’s infographic digs into who gives – and receives – the most charitable contributions. Also, get a few tips on what can be deducted come tax time. Click for larger image. Like this infographic? Use the code below to embed […]

Oh Christmas Tree, How Expensive Are Thee [INFOGRAPHIC]

Tis the season. Shopping, parties, decorating and all things holiday. The centerpiece of every good Christmas celebration is the tree. In our latest infographic we take a close look at all of the numbers that go into the grand holiday tradition of the Christmas Tree. Click for larger image. Like this infographic? Use the code […]

Bacon: The Penny And The Pound [INFOGRAPHIC]

Bacon is something near and dear to the hearts of many. But prices keep climbing and we are constantly on the look out for ways to save your budget and put more cash in your wallet. Our latest infographic looks into that age old question – how do I get cheaper bacon? Like this infographic? […]

Black Friday Guide [INFOGRAPHIC]

Once again Thanksgiving week is here. That means it’s time for turkey, pie and of course, black Friday shopping. 147 million shoppers will hit the stores in search of holiday deals. This infographic looks at all of the dizzying numbers of one of the craziest annual shopping events. If you or any of your friends […]

Feast of Thanksgiving Stats [INFOGRAPHIC]

Thanksgiving is on the horizon and the minds of many turn to travel, turkey and all that is the annual feast. In this, our turkey-centric infographic we break down the numbers around getting to, enjoying and then working off what is often the biggest meal of the year. Like this infographic? Use the code below […]

The Military & Taxes [INFOGRAPHIC]

It is Veteran’s Day and we want to take this time to thank and salute all those that have and are currently serving our country. Our military and their families sacrifice much. As a small token they are afforded some tax considerations and below we break down some of the tax benefits that are available […]

Credit Card Rewards – Worth it? [INFOGRAPHIC]

We recently looked at Rewards Cards for shopping and travel and gave you the low down on if they were worth it or not. In the second part of our rewards card series we look at credit card rewards programs. Which of the cards came out on top? Check it out and let us know […]

Retail Rewards Cards- Worth Your Loyalty? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Rewards cards; there seems to be one for every store and gas station stop along the way. But are they really worth it? We dug into the numbers of some of the big programs out there to answer that very question. This is the first in a two-part infographic series looking at rewards cards. Check […]