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3 Rules for Getting Paid to Write Freelance

Ed note: Do what you love, and make money doing it, may sound too cliché to be true. However, for some writers, the freelance market means they can pen posts about subjects they’re passionate about and be paid a nice price. The trick just might be getting started. The Internet as we know it today […]

Why You Should Pursue Early Retirement Even if You Love Working

Ed note: It’s easy to say you should save for retirement. It’s even easier to keep putting off that saving because retirement is so far away. So what happens if you move the finish line – say you’ll retire at 50 instead? According to David Ning, a lot. I always tell people to strive for […]

What IRA is Right For You?

Ed note: An Individual Retirement Account is one option to save money over time. However, you might not know that there are different kinds of IRAs, with different benefits. Let’s look at which one might be the best for you. IRAs are tax-advantaged retirement savings accounts in which people who have earned income in a […]

Top 5 Credit Myths

Ed note: There’s a lot of “common knowledge” that isn’t good knowledge. It is a misconception or myth that keeps getting repeated. There are several of these misconceptions we wanted to clear up regarding credit. Leer en español. Have you ever made a decision you thought was smart but it ended up hurting you? For […]

4 Eco-Friendly and Budget-Friendly Travel Destinations

Ed note: Do you have plans to celebrate Earth Day? (It’s April 22.) We think a trip might be in order, so Laura Klein has put together this list of destinations that are kind to your wallet and feature an environmental spin. In most parts of the country, it’s a cold, gray and downright gloomy […]

Tips to Teach Your Kids About Earning, Saving and Spending Money

Ed note: Whether your child is 5 or 15, there are things you could be discussing about money. Stumped as to what to talk about? Jeannette Kaplun has a few great ideas for every age and stage. Leer en español. Money is often a difficult topic to talk about, especially with our children. However, it’s essential […]

Making the Most of Paying Taxes

Ed note: If you owe back taxes to the federal government, you hopefully know that the IRS offers several options when it comes to paying them. Here, we’ll dig into paying back taxes with a credit card with Jason Steele. It may surprise you to learn that there are some benefits to using this method. […]

How Can you Pay, if you Owe Back Taxes

Ed note: If you finished preparing your tax return only to discover that you OWE the government a large sum of money you might be upset or worried about how to pay the amount. You need to know that there are options available to you. Mike Slack, from The Tax Institute, explains. Leer en español. The […]

Disappearing Dollars: Claim Your 2011 Refund ASAP

Did you file a tax return for 2011? (It was due April 15, 2012.) Don’t worry; we aren’t here to get you into any trouble. In fact, we just want to help get your money back. Leer en español. The IRS has $1 billion in refunds waiting for an estimated 1 million taxpayers who didn’t […]

Travel Tips for Families

Ed note: It may just now be spring, but I’ve got summer vacation on the brain. If you’re traveling with kids – don’t limit yourself. Here are some stellar ideas for managing a successful family trip. You may even find some time for rest and relaxation! Traveling as a family can be fun and educational. […]