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Celebrating Holiday Traditions Across Different Cultures

Ed note: The first time I went to buy prime rib for Christmas dinner, I had incredible sticker shock. So if you are like me, and want a “traditional” holiday meal without paying a ton, the answer might be in adopting a different cultural tradition for the holidays. Laura Klein explains. As the holiday season […]

Up to 1 in 6 Taxpayers May Miss Out This Year With Expiring Tax Benefits

Update: Good news! Congress has passed a one-year retroactive extension to these tax provisions that expired at the end of 2013. Now it just needs the President’s signature. This marks the sixth time since 2005 that Congress has extended these or similar tax breaks. Original post: There were a bunch of tax breaks that expired last […]

Freelancers: How Do You Take a Vacation?

Ed note: How do you handle being away from the office? If you furrowed your brow and responded “wonderfully. I handle it wonderfully,” you are probably not self-employed. When you work for yourself, even vacations have to be carefully strategized – or risk unwelcome interruption.  There are a lot of perks to being a freelancer. […]

Ways to Maximize Holiday Gift Giving For Large Families

Ed note: Sticking to the budget around the holidays is often a serious financial exercise. That’s especially the case if you have a large family to buy presents for. However, these tips from Tracy Lopez apply equally as well to the playgroup gift swap or a work event – any situation where you need to […]

Look Inside Electronic Banking [INGFOGRAPHIC]

In 2014, the IRS reported that 83,915,000 refunds were sent to taxpayers via direct deposit. That’s a cool $244.6 billion flying around. Since these kinds of electronic transactions are part of our everyday lives, we decided to dig in and look at how they actually happen – and what’s coming next. Click to view larger image […]

How to Save On Last-Minute Holiday Travel

Ed note: I’m not sure if it’s the holidays, running around after a toddler or a side effect of getting older, but I feel like time is just flying by. If you are looking at the “DECEMBER” title on that calendar incredulously, and still need to make arrangements for holiday travel, then we have just […]

Adoption in the U.S., At A Glance [INFOGRAPHIC]

November is National Adoption Month in the United States. In light of that, we wanted to focus on some of the most important issues for (potential) new parents. Namely, what kind of adoptions exist, how long it can take to adopt and what an adoption costs. Also, there is a tax credit that some new […]

Simple Tips for Keeping Your Thanksgiving Budget in Check

Ed note: Thanksgiving is deceiving. You think it’s all about the togetherness! Not about gifts or material things! But it’s about the food. And the food can get expensive. Don’t sacrifice the fun. Instead, use these hacks to prepare an awesome meal on a budget. Leer en español. Everyone loves Thanksgiving – it’s full of […]

Marketplace Open Enrollment Starts Now

Ed note: We’re going to be talking about the Affordable Care Act a lot over the coming months, because it can have a dramatic effect on your tax return this year. But right now, we just want to help make sure you are prepared when it comes to insurance coverage in 2015. Leer en español. […]

Celebrate America Recycles Day: Conserve Resources, Reduce Waste and Save Cash

Ed note: Did you know, that you can recycle your wine corks? And in some states wine bottles have a deposit fee that you can get back. Before you take these as an excuse to get started on a little day drinking, read on to learn a bit more about how and what to recycle […]