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Smart Ways to Invest Your Refund [VIDEO]

Well, for most of us, tax season is over. Were you one of the lucky ones to get a refund? Congratulations! Now, do you know what to do with that money? Our Más con H&R Block contributor Jeannette Kaplun has some ideas about how to spend that refund wisely. Whether you choose to pay your credit card […]

Did You Know: Wacky Tax Deductions

There are a lot of urban legends about things the IRS allows you to deduct. For instance, you cannot pay an arsonist to burn down your business and deduct the payment to them as a “consulting fee.” (Someone actually tried this.) Leer en español. You cannot deduct the cost of an air-conditioned hotel room if […]

Tax Season Commonly Asked Questions

Ed note: When you file with H&R Block online, you never have to file alone. All of our products come with tax support options that allow you to chat or email one of our professionals with questions. Another great thing about that is it allows us to see trends and patterns – common issues that […]

Introducing Your Teen to Credit

Ed note: I rarely use cash. It drives my parents crazy. But the truth is, I just find credit cards easier. However, lately I’ve been thinking that my young daughter may only see me use credit cards without truly understanding what all it entails. Miranda Marquit is a few years ahead of me here and […]

Which Credit Card Reward is the Most Valuable?

Ed note: If you are credit card-savvy and tend to use them for additional benefits – like a loyalty program – you may start to analyze whether a cash back or points reward system is best for you. Jason Steele has some key things to consider when making the decision. What is the more valuable […]

How We Spend Tax Refunds

At H&R Block, we love getting our clients their maximum refund. What’s even more exciting is when they use those refunds in awesome ways. How do we know? We ask them, of course! Every client who completes an H&R Block survey is asked what they are doing with their refund. Some of the most common […]

12 Smart Ways to Use a Tax Refund

Ed note: IRS Commissioner John Koskinen has said that the tax return represents the biggest single financial transaction many Americans will complete in the entire year. We know it’s a big deal, and our H&R Block pros work hard to make sure our clients get back their maximum refund. But what should you do with […]

Madness of Gambling in the United States

Ed note: Have you caught basketball fever? It’s around this time of year that gambling – and the tax issues related to it – gets a lot of conversation. While Warren Buffet took his million-dollar prize off the table, you may still be pocketing a nice wad of cash from the office pool or from […]

Scholarship Resources for Latino Students

Ed note: No matter what you decide to study – or where – higher education can be an expensive endeavor. The total cost (tuition, room and board, fees, etc.) at a four-year public institution can run upwards of $14,000. There are many ways to reduce that cost, but we wanted to shine a light on […]

What is Form 1099-K, and Why Did I Get One?

Ed note: We’ve talked a lot about the brand new 1095-A form that many people are getting this year. However, we’ve also gotten a lot of questions about the 1099-K. This isn’t a new form, but it is one that is showing up in more and more mailboxes as the way we do business changes. […]