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How to Qualify for Tax Deductible Moving Expenses

Ed note: In my 20s, I lived in Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Iowa and Massachusetts. Four of those moves were for work (or my spouse’s work). It was always very confusing when it came to determining if we could deduct any of the moving expenses. Guest contributor Ryan Guina has some great information if you find […]

Love Your Pet, But At What Cost? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Last weekend was all about love. Big red heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, over-priced rose bouquets and glitter (so much glitter!) could be found just about everywhere. All these symbols of affection got us thinking about the important ones in our life that don’t get celebrated on Valentine’s Day  – our pets. And we aren’t the […]

Refund Offsets and Injured Spouse Forms

You prepared your tax return. It showed you were due a refund. The return was filed and accepted with the IRS. The refund never came. After you’ve doubled checked to make sure your bank information and/or mailing address was perfectly correct on your return, you may want to determine whether your refund was taken as […]

Foods That Are Healthy For Your Heart and Easy On Your Budget

Ed note: February is American Heart Month. With that in mind, we wanted to focus on ways you can be good to your heart while also being kind to your budget. Cost is often the main excuse for choosing unhealthy foods. The exorbitant costs of healthy foods can sometimes make it out of range for […]

Do you have the right amount of taxes withheld from your paycheck?

Ed note: It’s easy to think about taxes now, when the filing deadline is staring you in the face, but did you know there is something you can tweak any time of year that could affect your taxes? They are withholdings – and how much is withheld is determined by your W-4. Learn more about […]

Moonlighting as an On-Demand Driver Can be Unexpectedly Taxing

Ed note: Whether you drive for Uber, Lyft or any other popular ride share or private car service, don’t underestimate how important this income is at tax time. We asked tax experts Mike Slack and Jennifer Villarino to provide these five essential facts, so you can avoid unwelcome surprises when you file that 2014 return.   Mobile ride-booking services […]

Breaking Down the “Marriage Penalty”

Ed note: Have you heard of the “marriage penalty?” No, it doesn’t refer to your friends trashing you because you tied the knot. It’s a common tax phrase, but it can be confusing and complicated. Miranda Marquit has some examples that will illustrate it more clearly. Leer en español. For the majority of married couples, filing […]

7 Things Worse Than Waiting For Your Tax Refund

The IRS gets 90% of taxpayers their refunds within 21 days of when their tax return is received. If 21 days sounds like an incredibly long time, just think about how many more awful things you spend your time waiting on. Here’s my top 7: 7. Descaling your humidifier or espresso machine. I don’t even […]

Methods of Receiving A Tax Refund

Receiving a refund is, by far and away, the best part of the tax filing process (in my opinion). However, there are also some choices to be made when it comes time to select how you want to receive your refund. Here’s what you should know. Leer en español. First, the IRS estimates that 9 in 10 […]

Tips and Tricks We Use to Stay Under Budget While Traveling

Ed note: It’s always great to get a good deal. But sometimes when you’re taking a big trip with the whole family, a good deal is a necessity – not a bonus. Yoly Mason shares some of her top tips for frugal family travel. Leer en español. As a family, we always look forward to planning […]