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Tax Filing Checklist

Ed note: It’s easy to get lost in the details of taxes. Use these tips to help you focus on the big picture and break down your preparation into manageable chunks. Leer en español. It’s that time again – tax season. If you are just getting your tax documents together and figuring out what to […]

Guide to a Stress-Free Tax Season [INFOGRAPHIC]

W-2s. AGI. 1040EZ. The acronyms and form numbers at tax time can make your head spin. Take a few hours and use this guide to make sense of what you need and what you don’t. This organizational step should make preparing your taxes a less stressful task. Ver en Español. Click for larger image Like […]

IRS Announces E-file To Open Jan. 31

Today, the IRS announced that 2013 e-file will open on Jan. 31, 2014. This date is later than the agency historically begins processing tax returns. Why the delay? We heard from the IRS back in October that the government shutdown would cause a delay to the start of the filing season. What does it mean […]

Charitable Giving [INFOGRAPHIC]

From bell ringers to clothing drives, December is the most charitable month of the year. Today’s infographic digs into who gives – and receives – the most charitable contributions. Also, get a few tips on what can be deducted come tax time. Click for larger image. Like this infographic? Use the code below to embed […]

Top 3 Things to Do Now To Save At Tax Season

Don’t wait until you’re filing your tax return to think about taxes. Spending a moment now can help you come out ahead next spring. Here are the top three things you can do now to save time and money at tax time. 1. Can you defer any income until next year (or even later)? This […]

Health Care Q&A Series

We know that there are many questions about the new health care law. That is why we started the Health Care Q&A series where we post the answers to frequently asked questions here on the blog to help get the word out. The second question in our series focuses on what happens if you just […]

How Will the Government Shutdown Affect Taxes

ED NOTE: The government shutdown is on everyone’s mind right now. While we can not help with how long this may last we did break down how it will affect your taxes. We will continue to watch this and stay on top of how your taxes will be affected and we will get through this […]

Paying Taxes in Every State!? Taxes & the Pro-Athlete

ED Note: Many people around the country will turn on their TVs tonight to watch the beginning of another NFL season.  Those of us watching are likely not thinking about the tax bills that come with all of the fanfare of the games.  But for the professional athlete that participates, taxes can be rather complicated. […]

4 Tax Write-offs That Can Advance Your Career

Ed note: Getting promoted and mastering our jobs are results of consistent hard work and great relationships. But sometimes we need a little help to reach our career goals, whether it’s attending a conference, joining a job-specific association or going back to school. To help make going that extra mile a little bit less expensive, […]

Freelance Friday: Your Estimated Payment is Due Soon

Freelancing? Self-employed? You don’t want to be stuck with a huge tax bill in April again this year. You should be making quarterly estimated payments – and another deadline is coming up soon. As you know, you’re required to pay taxes as you earn income. Self-employed taxpayers are usually required to pay estimated tax quarterly. […]