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Hire and Higher: How to Get the Most From Your Company Benefits

Ed note: That first day on the job can be overwhelming. There are details about retirement plans, meeting your coworkers, filling out a thousand HR documents and pressing things like finding the bathrooms and break room. Don’t let the important new job perks get ignored in the shuffle. Here’s a brief primer. Leer en español. […]

Why You Should Pursue Early Retirement Even if You Love Working

Ed note: It’s easy to say you should save for retirement. It’s even easier to keep putting off that saving because retirement is so far away. So what happens if you move the finish line – say you’ll retire at 50 instead? According to David Ning, a lot. I always tell people to strive for […]

Social Security Benefits – How Much Is Taxable

Ed note: Taxes on social security benefits are confusing. You report them on your tax return, but they are often not taxed. Here are a few general rules of thumb from our experts at the Tax Institute. All social security benefits, whether in the form of retirement benefits, survivor benefits or disability benefits, are taxed […]

Valuing whether cash bonuses are worth the time

Ed note: We always want more money, right? David Ning is here to help you determine which opportunities you should take advantage of to make a little more cash, and what to do with the money to maximize the value. A new opportunity to earn cash seems to pop up daily these days, but most […]

How to Make Habits, Not Resolutions, This Year

Ed note: Do you feel like you are losing steam with your resolutions already? Studies show that people start to drop out at the two-week mark. So we wanted to help you out. Before you lose all your motivation, take these steps to create good financial habits that will last all year long – minimal […]

15 Life Changes That Could Affect Your Tax Return in 2015 [INFOGRAPHIC]

There’s a lot that happens over the course of a year – birth, death, marriage, retirement, college graduation and more. It’s important to know that those changes don’t just affect your everyday life, they also may affect your tax return and, by extension, your refund. Whether it’s a different filing status or new credits you […]

Wait A Minute. Do I even need to file a tax return?

Fact: Having an income does not automatically mean you have to file a 2014 tax return. Leer en español. Also fact: Determining whether or not you need to file a return can be complicated. Regular Employment Here’s where it is simple. If you have regular employment – meaning you work for another person or corporation and receive […]

Year-End Financial Moves That Also Benefit Your Tax Return

It’s the end of the year, but it’s not too late to make some important financial moves. On the plus side, these changes have some related tax benefits. Leer en español. First, use H&R Block’s tax calculator to estimate what you may owe at tax time – or how much could be coming back to you in […]

4 Things You Don’t Know About Taxes

Ed note: OK. If you are a super-smart, savvy taxpayer, you might know about a couple of these. But I bet we have a few new pieces of wisdom for you here. Leer en español. When it comes to taxes, surprises are often a bad thing. Nonetheless, there are a few welcome surprises that can come […]

Why Should You Use a 401(k)?

Ed note: You can save for retirement. Or buy that new TV right now. Much of financial planning is about keeping your sights on the long game instead of immediate gratification. It’s not easy, but Ben Edwards is here with some great reasons that kind of thinking will pay off. Leer en español. You may […]