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Guide to a Stress-Free Tax Season [INFOGRAPHIC]

W-2s. AGI. 1040EZ. The acronyms and form numbers at tax time can make your head spin. Take a few hours and use this guide to make sense of what you need and what you don’t. This organizational step should make preparing your taxes a less stressful task. Ver en Español. Click for larger image Like […]

Spending to Save: Maximize Your Medical Deductions

Are you thinking about scheduling an elective surgery or purchasing an expensive medical device before the end of the year? Before you plan your next medical expense (and provided your health or life doesn’t depend on it!), you may want to see what tax year the expense will fall in and get out your calculator. […]

Putting the “I” in Charity

One of my favorite things about winter is that it is the season of giving. While weather gets colder outside, one way to feel warm on your insides is to be generous to worthy causes. Our country finds being benevolent so important that a part of our United States tax laws is to benefit givers […]

Charitable Facts: What is Deductible?

Ed Note: The Charitable Deduction is a complex thing, and since December is the biggest month for giving, we wanted to help answer your questions about what is deductible and what isn’t. We asked Anna Sandall, an attorney and former Tax Researcher of The Tax Institute, to answer some of our questions on the charitable deduction.   […]

Top 3 Things to Do Now To Save At Tax Season

Don’t wait until you’re filing your tax return to think about taxes. Spending a moment now can help you come out ahead next spring. Here are the top three things you can do now to save time and money at tax time. 1. Can you defer any income until next year (or even later)? This […]

The Military & Taxes [INFOGRAPHIC]

It is Veteran’s Day and we want to take this time to thank and salute all those that have and are currently serving our country. Our military and their families sacrifice much. As a small token they are afforded some tax considerations and below we break down some of the tax benefits that are available […]

Your Small Business and Taxes

Starting a new business on your own can be both intimidating and rewarding at the same time. Hopefully; with a solid business plan and proper guidance those stepping-out on their own will be successful. To make this process a little easier, here are some basic tax considerations a new business owner should take into account. […]

Freelancer Friday: The Home Office Deduction

For many freelancers their home is also their office.  If you work in a home office regularly you have probably heard about a possible tax deduction.  So what’s that home office deduction all about? We have good news, you have the option to use a simplified method to claim this deduction in 2013. The requirements […]

UPDATE: Delay in Tax Filing Date

The IRS has announced a delay to the start of the 2014 tax-filing season. So how long of a delay are we looking at? Previously, the original kick-off date to the start of the upcoming filing season was announced as January 21st, 2014 for individuals. Yesterday, however, the IRS announced a possible two-week delay for […]

How Will the Government Shutdown Affect Taxes

ED NOTE: The government shutdown is on everyone’s mind right now. While we can not help with how long this may last we did break down how it will affect your taxes. We will continue to watch this and stay on top of how your taxes will be affected and we will get through this […]