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Emerald Card Myths Busted

What do you think of when you hear “prepaid debit card?” Maybe you think it’s just for teenagers. Or that it isn’t any different from a credit card. Maybe you have no idea what it is at all! Leer en español. Prepaid cards can be useful financial tools for anyone. They help prevent overdrafts and […]

How to Fix an Error on Your Tax Return

Ed note: Were you feeling nervous when you pushed the “submit” button when filing your taxes? Did you realize after the fact that something was wrong on your return? Don’t worry, and follow these tips. Leer en español. Filing your taxes is one of those projects that may feel overwhelming and anxiety provoking, and when you […]

Smart Ways to Spend Your Tax Return

Ed note: For many Americans, a tax refund is their largest single financial transaction in a year. So what you do with that money can be very important. Contributor Carrie Smith looks at some of the most common, and some of the best, ways to spend it. Leer en español. Have you filed your taxes and […]

Tax Tips for Taxpayers Living Abroad

Ed note: Filing your taxes often comes down to a series of important choices – filing jointly or separately? Claiming the standard deduction or itemizing? It’s no different for expatriate Americans, but the choices vary significantly from current residents. Evan White breaks down one of the key choices each expat filer will have to consider. […]

Two Days Left: Getting That Refund, and Fast!

Note: Most federal individual tax returns are due April 15. That’s only two days away! Here are two last minute tips to help you file your return as accurately as possible. If you are due a tax refund, you probably want to know the best way to go about getting it. Of course, the bare […]

Handling Unexpected Expenses

Ed note: Nobody likes to pay for things like surprise car repairs or a visit to urgent care. However, there’s no avoiding those little curveballs life throws our way. Let’s take a look at how to better prepare for them instead. Leer en español. The mail came and I saw the envelope from the Department of […]

Injured Spouse – What to Know [VIDEO]

You received your tax refund. The only problem is, the amount is much smaller than it was supposed to be. The funds may have been taken to pay an offset. We talked with the Tax Institute to get more information about these offsets and what you can do if the debt is only owed by […]

Announcing Billion Back Records

H&R Block: your source for some of the best, most original music about tax refunds. No? That doesn’t sound quite right? It actually is right. We teamed up with 10 talented YouTube personalities to create a new campaign called Billion Back Records. From now through April 15, our talent will release original songs and music […]

Ways to Prevent Fear of Missing Out, Tax Refund Edition

Ed note: H&R Block has been on a mission all year to get America its “Billion Back.” This is because in a 2013 study we found that one in five people who do their own taxes had missed out on money ­– on average more than $450 per person. So we thought it would be […]

Don’t Make These Common Mistakes When Filing Your Taxes

Ed note: Whether you use a tax pro, software or do-it-yourself on old-fashioned paper, there are a few very simple mistakes you want to avoid on this year’s tax return. Contributor Trent Hamm of The Simple Dollar outlines the simplest ones to check. Leer en español. Tax season is upon us. We’re collecting our 1099s and […]