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Celebrating Mom with Money Tips

It’s nearly Mother’s Day! In honor of all the mothers out there, we wanted to put together some of the most common ways being a mom benefits you at tax time. Leer en español. If your wife or mother wants more than the gift of knowledge this Mother’s Day (umm, who doesn’t?), we also have […]

Applying for an ITIN Number: Get Support from a CAA

Ed note: The Individual Taxpayer Identification Number is an important tool for many people. It allows those without Social Security numbers to file or to be claimed as dependents. However, the process can be arduous. Here are a few ways Certified Acceptance Agents at H&R Block can help. Leer en español.  You know you need an […]

Tax Filing Checklist

Ed note: It’s easy to get lost in the details of taxes. Use these tips to help you focus on the big picture and break down your preparation into manageable chunks. Leer en español. It’s that time again – tax season. If you are just getting your tax documents together and figuring out what to […]

Tax Questions, Answered: Amending Returns, Charitable Deductions and Dependents

Ed note: We’ve asked the experts at The Tax Institute to answer some of the questions coming our way on Facebook, Twitter, the Community and more. Have a question? Ask it in one of those places or below this post, and we may answer it in this bi-monthly feature.  Question: I realized that I made […]

Jumpstart Your Financial Progress in 2014

Ed note: Sick of making resolutions that are just lip service? Here are a few easy things to do that will put you on solid footing for tackling your finances in 2014, courtesy of Kelly Whalen, author of the Centsible Life. Sadly, the holidays are over. The gifts are all unwrapped; the cookies are all […]

Make the Most of Unwanted Holiday Gifts

Ed note: Sure, you love your Great Aunt Bea, but that sweater she bought you, maybe not so much. Instead of trying to regift some of the odd presents you received this year, consider donating them. Here are a few tips on making that happen, all while receiving a write-off on next year’s tax return. […]

Guide to a Stress-Free Tax Season [INFOGRAPHIC]

W-2s. AGI. 1040EZ. The acronyms and form numbers at tax time can make your head spin. Take a few hours and use this guide to make sense of what you need and what you don’t. This organizational step should make preparing your taxes a less stressful task. Ver en Español. Click for larger image Like […]

The Ten Tax Commandments

The Tax Code has been around 100 years and spans nearly 74,000 pages. Although there are many nuances to consider, there are also several overarching rules every taxpayer should know. While the IRS Commissioner isn’t Moses, we will think of these rules as the 10 Tax Commandments. 1. Your income shall be taxed when received. […]

Health Care Q&A Series – Medical Deductions

We continue our series on the Affordable Care Act and how it affects you. This week’s question is about medical deductions, which we discussed in more depth previously. See all of our Health Care posts for more information.   Can I still claim medical expenses as an itemized deduction?             […]

Spending to Save: Maximize Your Medical Deductions

Are you thinking about scheduling an elective surgery or purchasing an expensive medical device before the end of the year? Before you plan your next medical expense (and provided your health or life doesn’t depend on it!), you may want to see what tax year the expense will fall in and get out your calculator. […]