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Get Help From H&R Block Tax Experts, Anywhere in the World

Ed note: We hear from U.S. citizens living abroad fairly frequently. Usually when they’ve tried to use a simple (DIY) online tax prep tool and end up a little stumped. We have a specialized service at H&R Block to help out expats, so we wanted to explain how to use it. Leer en español. If you’re […]

Filing Taxes with a Bilingual Tax Pro at H&R Block [VIDEO]

Ed note: First time tax filers may have a lot of questions about the process – what to prepare, how to schedule an appointment and what happens during the visit. This might be especially daunting if English is your second language. We wanted to illustrate how easy it actually is to get that return filed, […]

Health Care Tax Form Error Impacts 800,000 – Are You Affected?

If you had health insurance coverage through a Marketplace plan in 2014, you should have received a new tax form – the 1095-A. The 1095-A reports information you will use to complete your tax return, most importantly in reconciling your Advance Premium Tax Credit or determining your Premium Tax Credit. Leer en español. Unfortunately, 800,000 […]

How to Qualify for Tax Deductible Moving Expenses

Ed note: In my 20s, I lived in Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Iowa and Massachusetts. Four of those moves were for work (or my spouse’s work). It was always very confusing when it came to determining if we could deduct any of the moving expenses. Guest contributor Ryan Guina has some great information if you find […]

How to fix an error on your tax return

Ed note: This is an update to one of our most popular posts – so you aren’t alone if you think you made a mistake on your tax return! Leer en español. Filing your taxes is one of those projects that may feel overwhelming and anxiety provoking, and when you get to the end you […]

Missed the Deadline to Enroll in Health Insurance, Now What?

We’ve been telling you since November that you need to have health insurance coverage and/or enroll in a Marketplace health care plan. Otherwise, you could face a hefty penalty when you file your 2015 taxes next year. Leer en español. By now, you’ve missed the deadline to get a plan through a federal or state Marketplace. You needed […]

Taxes on the Big Screen

Ed note: If you a fan of taxes and film – together – there aren’t many nominees to root for in Sunday’s Academy Awards ceremony. However, Kevin Martin generously whipped up this post to recount some of his favorite tax-related plots that made it to the big screen. Who ever said taxes are all boring? The Academy […]

The Little Known Financial Side Benefits of Being a Freelancer

Ed note: Do you think of working for yourself as being a risk? David Ning sees it differently – he has experienced many positive results from becoming a freelancer. Many people questioned my decision to give up the steady paycheck in the midst of the worst financial crisis of our lifetime, but trying to turn […]

Do you have the right amount of taxes withheld from your paycheck?

Ed note: It’s easy to think about taxes now, when the filing deadline is staring you in the face, but did you know there is something you can tweak any time of year that could affect your taxes? They are withholdings – and how much is withheld is determined by your W-4. Learn more about […]

Moonlighting as an On-Demand Driver Can be Unexpectedly Taxing

Ed note: Whether you drive for Uber, Lyft or any other popular ride share or private car service, don’t underestimate how important this income is at tax time. We asked tax experts Mike Slack and Jennifer Villarino to provide these five essential facts, so you can avoid unwelcome surprises when you file that 2014 return.   Mobile ride-booking services […]