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Cómo administrar tu presupuesto cuando no tienes un sueldo fijo

Nota del editor: Trabajar de manera independiente parece ser el nuevo sueño americano. Fijas tus propios horarios, eres tu propio jefe. Pero no es todo un lecho de rosas. Nuestra colaboradora Miel, de DINKS Finance, se sumerge en una de las áreas más difíciles del trabajo por cuenta propia. Un trabajo de 9 a 5 […]

We Understand: H&R Block Bilingual Tax Pros Help Out [VIDEO]

It’s summertime, and we feel like we’re still recovering from tax season! Yet for our tax professionals at H&R Block, informing, educating and explaining the importance of doing your taxes right is a year-round task. And no one takes this more seriously than our bilingual tax professionals. Ana Ruiz Chavez is one of them. An […]

How the NFL’s Newest Star’s Salaries Stack Up

Ed note: The contracts of big-time athletes can be mind-boggling. Our tax expert and resident fanatic Mike Slack breaks it down though, looking at what these sports stars are really making and how much goes to the federal government. There are many new faces walking into NFL training camps this week. Of the 256 football […]

Records: What’s the Bare Minimum That You Must Keep?

Ed note: Tax season brings a flood of documents – W-2s, 1099s, receipts, Form 1040 and more. Now that you’ve filed – and maybe gotten a refund – are you ready to chuck them all out? Not quite so fast. One of our Tax Institute experts explains why you need to hang on to those […]

Tus archivos: ¿Cuál es el mínimo absoluto que debes conservar?

Nota del editor: La temporada de impuestos trae consigo una marea de documentos: W-2, 1099, recibos, Formulario 1040 y muchos más. Ahora que has presentado tu declaración, y quizás obtenido un reembolso, ¿estás listo para eliminarlos todos? No tan rápido. Uno de nuestros expertos de The Tax Institute explica por qué debes conservar esos documentos, […]

Win Big? Here’s the Bad News [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s easy to watch Who Want to be a Millionaire – or another favorite game show – and marvel over the huge checks given to winners. It seems too easy to be true! Answer a few questions correctly, and you’ll walk away with thousands. Of course, it isn’t quite that clear cut. We break down […]

How to Proactively Address Your Tax Situation After Divorce

Ed note: There are some things that just aren’t fun to talk about. Period. There’s no dressing it up or injecting humor. Divorce is one of them. The thing is, we aren’t here just for fun. We also want to share important information that you can use. If you are going through a divorce, your […]

Health Care Q&A – Advance Tax Credit

We continue our series on the Affordable Care Act and how it affects you. See all of our Health Care posts for more information.   What is the advance tax credit?                 The advance tax credit is a tax credit you receive to help pay your health insurance […]

A Lannister Always Pays His Debts

Ed note: As a Game of Thrones fan, I just… I mean… oh boy. It’s a show that never disappoints, so we will try to follow that example. By now, you will have (hopefully) seen the season finale of this year’s Game of Thrones. If you have not, then I will issue the requisite Spoiler […]

H&R Block U. S. Expat Tax Services – How can I use it?

Ed note: It may come as a surprise to some Americans living abroad that they still need to file a U.S. tax return. That’s right – even if you live in another country, work in another country and don’t have any money invested in U.S. accounts, you will still likely be required to file a […]