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News Updates from the IRS and Last-Chance Donations to Covenant House [VIDEO]

If you haven’t yet, make sure to check out hipstertaxcrisis.com. There’s only a few more days to share the photos and videos, which represent donations we will make to Covenant House. Other news from the IRS and an update in Spanish, all in the video below.

Profile of a Procrastinator – Maybe You? [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you haven’t done your taxes yet, you certainly aren’t alone. In fact, you’re part of a healthy percentage of the population that will wait until the last few weeks before April 15. Here are a few pointers for what to do to help meet the deadline, or what to file if you really and […]

Procrastinators Rejoice! File an Extension Now

Ed note: If you dread each day that brings April 15 closer, or if you have completely forgotten about filing taxes this year, then you probably need to read this very valuable advice from attorney Anna Sandall. Leer en español. If last year you found yourself in a mad dash to the post office on April […]

Analyzing the Paycheck Beyond the Dollar Amount

Ed note: That first paycheck seems like a ticket to freedom, but it’s also an abrupt introduction to the real world. Scott Gamm shares a few ways for parents to turn their child’s paycheck into a simple lesson about finances. Leer en español.  Your teen will always remember their first job and paycheck. Before they go […]

Finding the Pot of Gold

Ed note: When a fortune falls into your lap, you don’t ask questions, right? Unfortunately, the IRS will ask a lot of questions, as one California couple is learning. This St. Patrick’s Day, we hope you find some gold at the end of the rainbow but the Tax Institute thought you should keep in mind […]

Taking the Plunge – Married and Managing Finances Together

Ed note: After you walk down the aisle, there are a slew of decisions you have to make as a new married couple. One of the trickiest may be whether you keep your finances separate or not. Our newest contributor Savvy Financial Latina shares a glimpse inside her experience and provides some questions to consider. […]

Tax Forms for Businesses [INFOGRAPHIC]

Personal tax returns can get a little tricky, but the tax forms for businesses take things to a whole new level of complicated. Business owners may have to consider their partners, shareholders and employees. If you are filing a business return this year, here’s a look at some of the most crucial forms you will […]

March Madness: Taxation of Gambling

Ed note: Sure, your annual March Madness office pool is a lot of fun, but what does it mean for your taxes – that’s right, taxes – come April? Here are some important things to keep in mind before filling out your bracket. “Selection Sunday” for the 2014 Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament is upon us. This […]

Ways to Prevent Fear of Missing Out, Tax Refund Edition

Ed note: H&R Block has been on a mission all year to get America its “Billion Back.” This is because in a 2013 study we found that one in five people who do their own taxes had missed out on money ­– on average more than $450 per person. So we thought it would be […]

How to Handle Cash Payments for Income Tax Purposes

Ed note: There’s nothing like $1,000 tip for a pizza delivery to the world’s biggest stars. Edgar might have had the experience of a lifetime, but he’s also got a nice little chunk of income to account for on next year’s tax returns. Contributor Trent Hamm gives a few tips for those of us who […]