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Simple Tips for Keeping Your Thanksgiving Budget in Check

Ed note: Thanksgiving is deceiving. You think it’s all about the togetherness! Not about gifts or material things! But it’s about the food. And the food can get expensive. Don’t sacrifice the fun. Instead, use these hacks to prepare an awesome meal on a budget. Leer en español. Everyone loves Thanksgiving – it’s full of […]

Ins and Outs of Air Travel [INFOGRAPHIC]

Holiday travel is around the corner. Before you book that flight, here’s what you may need to know about the best times to fly, the worst airports to fly into and more. We also have a few tips on how to save as much money as you can on that getaway. Leer en español. Click […]

¿Tienes preguntas sobre impuestos? H&R Block junto a HAF te dan las respuestas

Si piensas que los impuestos son algo en lo que tú sólo tienes que pensar una vez al año, te equivocas. Lo creas o no, los impuestos afectan tu vida durante todo el año. Si decides casarte, comprar una casa, tener un bebé, mudarte a otro estado, cambiar de empleo-esto es sólo el inicio- es […]

Top 4 Back-to-School Budgeting Tips for Teens

Ed note: Our colleagues at H&R Block’s Dollars and Sense program are the go-to place for information when it comes to helping teenagers learn about personal finance topics. They put their heads together – along with other experts – to pass along these great tips to start the discussion at your house. With back-to-school shopping […]

Keeping Utility Bills in Check: Five Must-Know Tips for Summer Survival

Ed note: Ah, summer. The time of year I open my electric bill with my eyes closed to avoid the painful number staring back at me. This doesn’t have to be your reality though. Maybe both you and I should put these tips into practice so we can spend less while still beating the heat. […]

World Cup Travel Tips

Ed note: If you love to hear the announcer scream “GOOOOOOOAAAAL!” then traveling to Brazil for the 2014 FIFA World Cup may be the trip of a lifetime for you. The games begin June 12 and end July 13. So while there’s not much time to plan, there are plenty of options out there. Contributor […]

Cost-Effective House Swaps for Earth Day

Ed note: In honor of Earth Day, we wanted to share a few ways to improve the efficiency of your home – and save a bit on those utility bills.  For most of us, the home is our single largest investment. While it’s our biggest asset, it can also be our biggest financial drain if […]

Get Last-Minute Help Filing Your Tax Return [VIDEO]

The deadline to file your 2013 tax return is tomorrow, April 15, 2014. (For most people, at least. You may have longer if you live abroad or serve in the military and meet certain qualifications.) We wanted to highlight some of the best places to get help from H&R Block in our weekly digest video. […]

One Day Left: Time to Take Action

Note: Most federal individual tax returns are due April 15. That’s only one day away! Here is one last minute tip to help you file your return as accurately as possible. It’s the moment of truth. Are you going to get your taxes filed today? We have tons of great resources and even a guide […]

Last Minute Tips [VIDEO]

April 15 – “tax day” – is now less than two weeks away. We have an important reminder from the IRS, a look at what’s coming up this week on Block Talk and some information about ITINs from Violeta, in Spanish.