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6 Ways to Prepare Your Home For a Long Vacation

Ed note: Recently, I landed at my vacation destination only to be greeted by an email informing me that a package I ordered had just arrived at my house. Whoops. A scramble ensued to get a neighbor to pick it up and store it out of sight. Before you make the same kind of mistake, […]

Paying Taxes All Year Long

Most Americans think about taxes once a year – sometime between the end of January and April 15. For those people, every time a paycheck comes, taxes are paid too. They are automatically deducted before the money hits the bank account. An annual tax return reconciles the amount of taxes paid throughout the year with […]

Buying and Selling Secondhand: A Guide to Making and Saving Money

Ed note: Summer is a great time to get deals, especially at local sales. It’s also an ideal time to sell your extra stuff! Save some time and headaches by learning from Christina Brown’s experience and pinpoint what to buy and sell this year. When money is tight, there are two things you can do: […]

Hire and Higher: How to Get the Most From Your Company Benefits

Ed note: That first day on the job can be overwhelming. There are details about retirement plans, meeting your coworkers, filling out a thousand HR documents and pressing things like finding the bathrooms and break room. Don’t let the important new job perks get ignored in the shuffle. Here’s a brief primer. Leer en español. […]

13 Tips For A Free College Education

Ed note: If you read “college” and “free” in the same sentence and automatically think “scam,” I don’t blame you. Higher education and high prices tend to come hand in hand. However, Donna Freedman has 13 awesome ways to make that degree free (or low cost). Warning: it will take some work. Leer en Español. […]

Understanding College Financing and Student Loan Debt

Ed note: If you (or your child) are headed off to college in the fall, you may be working furiously to determine how it will be financed. There are tons of options: scholarships, grants, many different loans and more. How can you decide what amount to borrow? Here are some helpful tips. Leer en Español. […]

Move Home or Move On

Ed note: Moving back home may come with emotional baggage. But when it comes to making a decision about your finances, you have to think rationally. Put aside your feelings and use this impartial calculation to help determine whether it’s best to move back into your parents’ house or strike out on your own. If […]

What Should I Do About My Credit Ahead of Applying for a Mortgage?

Ed note: Interest is a tricky thing. The difference between a loan with 4% interest and 5% interest sounds so small, but it can mean big dollars over many years. Here are some tips from Credit Karma for making sure you’re able to keep that interest number as low as possible when you buy a […]

Earth Day: Save Some Green [INFOGRAPHIC]

Doing what’s right for the environment this Earth Day can also be beneficial for your wallet and your tax return. Of course, it’s good to use generally reduce, reuse and recycle, but if there’s a tax break for it too, we’re here to make sure you take advantage! Click to view larger image Like this infographic? […]

How to Teach Children to Overcome Challenges

Ed note: Talking to your children about how to face their challenges may have an enormous impact on their adult life. Marinés Duarte gives us some tips on how teach your children strategies that will help them overcome challenges, from childhood through the rest of their lives. Leer en español. Being a mother is the best […]