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What to Do About Incorrect Information On Your Credit Report

Ed note: Now that you know how to read your credit report, you probably need to know what to do if you found something incorrect on it. The bad news is that it’s not a super-simple process. The good news is that Credit Karma is here to help guide you through it. In 2013, the […]

Smart Filing: How to Avoid Being a Tax Scam Victim [VIDEO]

Now that tax season is upon us (e-file opens Jan. 20!), you may see signs and storefronts popping up to offer you wonderful refunds without any knowledge of your situation, or they may even promise you a refund within 24 hours. Be careful when you see this. Here are seven tips to help you avoid […]

15 Life Changes That Could Affect Your Tax Return in 2015 [INFOGRAPHIC]

There’s a lot that happens over the course of a year – birth, death, marriage, retirement, college graduation and more. It’s important to know that those changes don’t just affect your everyday life, they also may affect your tax return and, by extension, your refund. Whether it’s a different filing status or new credits you […]

Don’t Make These Costly Mistakes with Your Health Savings Account

Ed note: Do you have a Health Savings Account? If so, Jason Steele has a few tips for you when it comes to your contributions and using the account – all learned from his personal experience. Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are a great way to help ease the pain of costly medical bills that are […]

8 Tips for Reducing Energy Costs This Winter

Ed note: Depending on where you live, you may be looking ahead to a long, cold winter. While we can’t change the forecast, we can help save some money when it comes to keeping your home warm, affordably. Cutting back on energy costs amounts to money in your pocket, and it’s extra important in the […]

7 Ways to Get a New Wardrobe for Zero Dollars

Ed note: One of the easiest ways to rein in your spending this year is to just stop buying new clothes. Which leaves the question – how do you spruce up your wardrobe without new purchases? Good thing we have Kelly Whalen here with some awesome tips that cost zip, zero, zilch. Americans spend on […]

The Credit Score Catch-22

Ed note: Think the only way to build credit is with a credit card? Think again. We all have to start somewhere. Here’s how to get on the right financial track, even without that piece of plastic in your pocket. Leer en español. For young adults, it represents the classic chicken-egg scenario. You want (and need) […]

Freelancers: How Do You Take a Vacation?

Ed note: How do you handle being away from the office? If you furrowed your brow and responded “wonderfully. I handle it wonderfully,” you are probably not self-employed. When you work for yourself, even vacations have to be carefully strategized – or risk unwelcome interruption.  There are a lot of perks to being a freelancer. […]

How to Save On Last-Minute Holiday Travel

Ed note: I’m not sure if it’s the holidays, running around after a toddler or a side effect of getting older, but I feel like time is just flying by. If you are looking at the “DECEMBER” title on that calendar incredulously, and still need to make arrangements for holiday travel, then we have just […]

Three tools every small business owner needs to be successful

Ed note: There are so many elements to a great business – an awesome product, possibly talented employees and the right tools to support you. Tahnya Kristina has advice from some successful business owners about what low-cost tools help them run their business well. Having a great idea is the first step towards starting a […]